Ash Summers

Primarily works with drawing - from life, instinct, memory, imagination and from photographs.  Constantly switching between abstract and figurative to gain a deeper skill in representing things when making abstract work. Source material includes a collection of images: magazines, second hand photographs/slides, postcards. I use a method of collage and juxtapose various parts of these images. Sometimes taking parts of the images out and replacing them with something else to provide new meanings, changing the sense of place and time, switching to a different medium for using colour and to finalize a piece. The invention in how the medium is used often triggers a new concept in the way it is applied. Geometry mixed with randomness, no colour combined with intense colour - constrasts/complimentaries. References to images from art history – currently exploring roots of local landscape painters from the past. Using images, atmospheres and sound from my life, the objects, surroundings and noises which I see, feel and hear in my day to day routines inspire the work I produce and are sometimes included; Car lights, local scenes, sirens, signs, robotic voices, the sky at night, silhouettes, supermarkets, advertisements, electricity and music of my own or music made by others.