Naomi Harwin

Grounded in process Naomi Harwin’s practice observes the relational qualities of objects and forms in correspondence with space.  Considering how we organise information within systems of knowledge, Harwin reflects on how we might comprehend objects through the aid of models and images.  Most recently her work has been activated through her creation of forms that compress and manipulate line.  Evaluating, extracting and deconstructing these objects Harwin explores the dialogue between the form and its represented image, identifying the parts and pieces that make up the ‘whole’. 

Uncovering methods and processes of understanding our visual environment, the works become a descriptive interplay of spatial structure, materiality and mapping.  With a continual back and forth transition between sculptural object and flat surface, Harwin’s interest in borders and boundaries materializes through the use of line and articulation of surface. Manifesting as collections of information the dialogue and spatial engagement amongst works aims to form an awareness of the ‘whole’ and one’s own relation to it.