Philip Cornett’s practice embraces mixed media installations that include video, sound, and performance. He is currently collaborating with Paul Kindersley in their LOTUSLAND project, inspired by artist Jack Smith. Initially, they curated weekly public events that began to build a local network of queer artists in Cambridge. It began as an eight week residency at Norfolk Street, Changing Spaces, Cambridge. LOTUSLAND has been exhibited at the Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge - Z33, Belgium - and the APT Gallery, Deptford.

Philip Cornett

The project embraces an instinctive mode of production within a critical framework, and curated live performance events. It has created a social platform of enquiry regarding the assimilation of queer culture within a neoliberal suburban society.

Throughout LOTUSLAND, he cultivated a strong interest and passion for queer world building, identity narratives and queer aesthetics in contemporary art. Artwork produced by this research has so far been in response to specific research surrounding homophobia, post-queer sensibility, queer futurity/utopia, and the search for a queer ideality. Theorist José Esteban Muñoz has been a key influence.

Born and raised in rural southern Illinois, USA, Cornett has lived in England for the past eleven years.  He completed the MA in Fine Art at the Cambridge School of Art (2015), and has received a MA in Sound Arts from the University of Arts London (2010) and a BA in Sonic Arts from Middlesex University (2007).