Rob Smith

Rob Smith's practice takes landscape as a physical site and relays it to a dispersed audience through digital technologies.

Recent works have developed direct connections between remote locations and audiences through live and networked media. It is an approach of taking work into the field and using environmental sensors, live video and physical devices to sample and respond to the site in which they are installed and relay the output to a dispersed audience. This way of working in the field allows chance events and environmental conditions to have an effect on the outcomes, and makes the landscape a physical part of the work.


The audience, although remote from the physical site, is returned to it through live connection. Works such as WINDscale 2007, Radiometer 2011 and his ongoing work with Field Broadcast use the direct link to physical phenomena to articulate site to the audience, allowing the collapse of actual and conceptual distances between the two.

Rob Smith studied at the Royal Academy Schools, London and continues to exhibit nationally and internationally.   Recent shows have included What if?, Hå Gamle Prestegard, Norway, Binary Code View, The Agency, London and Scanner, a commission for ArtReview's digital project space.