Saturday 25 March

During 2017 Wysing are committed to exploring ‘many voices’ across all our programmes within the over-arching title Wysing Polyphonic.  

Opening the Channels: Resolutions

Launching the Wysing Polyphonic residency programme and responding to Wysing's All Channels Open exhibition, this study day will consider what steps can be taken to "open the channels" and what is at stake in seeking to include "many voices". 

For the study day, spring residency artists Pallavi Paul, Claire Potter and Raju Rage will be joined by invited contributors Taylor Le Melle, Annie Jael Kwan and Wail Qasim, all of whom will present a "resolution", a proposal for how institutions, artists and the public might ready themselves to confront 2017 with "all channels open". These resolutions will consist of short presentations, readings, performances or screenings to allow for an expansive and open discussion. Breaks throughout the day will allow attendees to visit the All Channels Open exhibition. 

Travel from Cambridge station is available for this event. Book here

12pm: Exhibition and cafe open

1.55pm: Introduction to the Study Day from Wysing curators. 

2.00pm: Presentations from Taylor Le Melle and Raju Rage followed by questions

3.10pm: Reading by Claire Potter 

3.30pm: Break 

4 pm: Presentation from Pallavi Paul followed by questions

4.30pm: Presentations from Annie Jael Kwan and Wail Qasim  followed by questions

5.30pm: Open discussion 

6pm: Ends 

Contributor Biographies 

Annie Jael Kwan is an independent curator, writer, researcher and producer based in London. She founded the curatorial partnership, Something Human, in 2012, to focus on her interests in the critical ideas and explorations surrounding movement across borders. Something Human has worked with partners including Barbican Centre, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University and the Live Art Development Agency, and has delivered projects the UK, Rome, Venice, Belgrade, Skopje, Lisbon and in Singapore. 

Taylor Le Melle is a curator, writer and researcher, based in London. Taylor is a part of C.R.E.A.M. and PSS Press. 

Wail Qasim is a writer, critic and activist based in London, primarily taking part in campaigns for racial justice. Their work has covered philosophy, politics, art, culture, immigration, protest and deaths in custody for The Guardian, The Independent, VICE UK and the London Review of Books blog. Wail is also a regular contributor to Novara Media. 

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