Patrick Goddard, Gone to Croatan
Outpost, Norwich
2 - 31 May
Opening: 1 May 6-9pm
Performance: 8pm

Patrick Goddard completed a residency over the summer of 2014 during FutureCamp, where he realised the performance APOCALIPSTICK during the public event program Private vs Public: Activism, Economics and Politics Today.

Patrick Goddard Gone to Croatan

During his residency at Wysing, Goddard developed the film Gone to Croatan (35min, 2014); the first in a series of films collectively entitled Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap that explore the fundamentals of money: what exactly it is, how and by whom it is created. The film is written and produced by Patrick Goddard, featuring Adam Burton and the artist himself.

Patrick Goddard’s recent works have taken the form of videos, books, performances and sculpture; all with an emphasis on poetry, observational anecdotes or research led articles. Without becoming politically illustrative, many works explore socio-politically loaded issues and although the topics explored can be wide ranging – from conceptions of evil to class politics, sociology to anarchy, the uncanny to the absurd – the works are linked via their tone or approach. Saturated with a sense of pathos, narratives undermine themselves with a self-defeating humor, playfully calling into question the sincerity or authority of the narrator and through this, the artist.

Recent shows include: a solo presentation, Revolver II, Matt’s Gallery, London, Autumn 2014; a group show, Objective Considerations of Contemporary Phenomena, M.O.T. International Projects, London, Autumn 2014; a group show, IV Moscow International Biennale of Young Art, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, June-August 2014.