This blog is written by Wysing's Director, Donna Lynas and is about some of the things happening at Wysing, or influencing what happens at Wysing.

Guest blogger, the writer Jessica Lack, provided a live commentary on our Futurecamp events over the summer of 2014. To read full transcripts of the events click the tags 'thewaywecatnowliveblogtext'  "publicvsprivateliveblog"  "thewaywelivenowliveblog" "alternativemethodsliveblog" "apostgenderworldliveblog".

Click the tag "space-time14" to see videos of some of the people playing at our music festival this year, on 30 August.


The Raincoats  25 August 2014

So, the final act playing at the festival to be annouced is a special performance by Ana da Silva and Gina Birch, founders of the post-punk band The Raincoats. Formed in 1977 while they were students at Hornsey College of Art, The Raincoats have been hugely influential to many of the people playing at Space-Time. Really pleased that Ana and Gina are able to join us.

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A Post-Gender World Final Entry  9 August 2014

Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst: She Gone Rogue
Gamine youth negotiates the treacherous waters of a trans-gender world she discovers down a rabbit hole, a place where hopes and dreams are crystallized in a talking vagina.

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A Post-Gender World Entry 9  9 August 2014

Jess Weisner on ‘I’m Not Ready to Name It Yet’
The film came out of her interest in the words ‘post’ and ‘gender’. To her the word ‘post’ means having an experience of something.

Tracey Rose on ‘KniggerKhaffirKhoon’
She was exploring ideas of Empire. Post is a position of privilege and the majority of people don’t have access to this position. Rose wants to question this and look at the idea that we are modifying ourselves to such an extent that we are moving away from what it means to be human. She finds it problematic the way non western women are presented in Western cultures. It is a privilege of language because everyone has to speak English. It is a real loss for western society to go into Africa with a position of superiority. As artists it is important that you make work about issues.
Wanted to point out the voice over was written by two South African poets.

Rachel Mclean on ‘Over the Rainbow’
She played every character. It was pieced together through TV shows, films and interviews. An arts centre in the middle of the wilderness in Canada inspired the landscape. 

James Richards on the four films he chose:

Berivan Erdogan is a young Norwegian Turkish woman mimicking a distant uncle; it has a wit and empathy.

Anna McGuire - When I was a Monster is about when she had a rock climbing accident and she has pins in her arm and plays out the idea of a crazed monster and Joe Dimaggio 1,2,3 interested him for the fact that each chapter gets more and more hysterical.

Finally he chose Leslie Thornton’s film because of the strange logic of bringing together erotic ethnographic postcards with Hollywood.

Richard John Jones on his installation. He thought there was poetry in the way the two subjects fitted together. The women reflected an emancipatory moment when women entered the work place for the first time during the war. Hudson River School depicted a romantic rendering of the North American landscape. It was a synthetic production of the landscape but they represent an erasure of the people who were living there. The reality of the political situation was very different.  He was also interested in showing a form of female labour in which the women were making something used to hide men.

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A Post-Gender World Entry 8  9 August 2014

Leslie Thornton: Sahara/Mojave

Ethnographic images of native peoples framed against a backdrop of jittery camera angles depicting a road trip into a dystopian America via Hollywood.

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A Post-Gender World Entry 7  9 August 2014

Over the Rainbow: Rachel Mclean

Rachel Mclean soaks up the sun to create a groovy little film in radioactive technicolour, it’s as if My Little Pony mated with Ronald McDonald yet as the plot becomes saturated by celebrity culture, it develops into a claustrophobic hammer horror inspired by the 1959 chiller ‘House on Haunted Hill’, its only a matter of time before the entire work is consumed by the big bad wolf’s ravenous jaws.

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