This blog is written by Wysing's Director, Donna Lynas - whenever she gets some spare time - and is about some of the things happening at Wysing, or influencing what happens at Wysing.

Waiting  24 September 2015

Katja Noviskova's Swoon Motion quietly waits for final works to be installed and cables tidied away.

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Shiva’s Grotto  22 September 2015

Incredible video simulation of Wysing's grounds and a beautiful homage to our Tree Keep by Lawrence Lek. Very special indeed.

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Feldspar (Hadal Zone)  22 September 2015

Installing Joey Holder's giant print on the gallery floor today. The print provides an initial terrain into the Uncanny Valley

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Swoon Motion  18 September 2015

New Katja Novitskova work detail. Still in it's crate and about to be assembled.

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Critters  16 September 2015

Glorious new work by Julia Crabtree and William Evans included in our upcoming exhibition The Uncanny Valley.

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