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Archive: March 2014

Lift Off  26 March 2014

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Rose  24 March 2014

I was in bed all weekend with a horrible cold which I still have; post NPO hangover probably. And spent the time thinking about everything I had done the previous week which included seeing some really great exhibitions the highlight of which was Hannah Höch at Whitechapel gallery, alongside Camille Henrot at Chisenhale, Benedict Drew at Matt’s Gallery and Martin Creed at the Hayward. I was also puzzling over various things and thinking a lot about people. One of those people was the artist Rose Wylie who I was sat next to at a dinner recently. I sort of vaguely knew her work but hadn’t realised that she is really quite old. In fact she’s 80. It’s impossible to place an age on a person by looking at their work, but somehow I had imagined her to be much younger. Though talking to her I was impressed by how involved she is in contemporary life; we discussed film, Nicole Kidman (she’d just finished a painting of her that she was very happy with), Kylie, Jonathan Meese, Stewart Lee, living in the country(side) - Stewart Lee in-joke there - and life in general. I was really happy to have had a chance to talk to her because she had such an incredibly positive outlook on life which I found very reassuring. Somehow that humour and lightness comes across in her paintings despite their often dark subjects. I’ve since found out that her husband of 57 years, the painter Roy Oxlade, passed away only last month. I wish I’d known.

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Hector Finds An Owl Pellet  13 March 2014

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Submit The Form  13 March 2014

So, two months of work has just been sent to Arts Council in the form of Wysing’s National Portfolio Organisation application! It’s a relief to see it go, but of course now I will be worrying about all the things I’ve left out of it. It has been an epic task and one that many arts organisations across England have been working on since early January, when the ‘application portal’ opened. I’ve had a lot of help from Wysing staff, trustees and critical friends so I hope that all our hard work will result in funding success - we have a lot of really exciting plans that we want to see happen. It will be hard to stop thinking about it as it has occupied a great deal of my time over these last two months, but now it’s a case of waiting until July. Time for a cup of tea in the sunshine I think. Best of luck to everyone making applications.

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