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Archive: May 2014

Holly Herndon  19 May 2014

So, very I’m very excited that Holly Herndon will be performing in our festival. She’s a composer, musician and performer and currently candidate for doctoral study in Computer Music at Stanford University. She recently collaborated with Akihiko Taniguchi, who is experimenting with 3D interaction on the web, on the video for her new single Chorus, which you can see here. She took part in Rhizome’s Seven on Seven conference at the New Museum in New York earlier this month where she collaborated with technologist Kate Ray over the course of a day. More info on that conference, which also included Hannah Sawtell who is also performing live in our festival, here

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Ashley Paul  9 May 2014

Ashley Paul is based in Brooklyn and has collaborated with people like Nik Colk Void, who of course is also performing at the festival, and Phil Niblock amongst many others. She combines gentle songs with experimental sound using a range of instruments to make thrilling music and live performance. She was in Cambridge last month for an event organised by Bad Timing and it's great to have the chance to invite her back again. 

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Helena Hauff  8 May 2014

Very pleased indeed that Helena Hauff has agreed to travel from Hamburg, where she is resident DJ at the influential Golden Pudel club, to DJ at our festival. I absolutely love this set she did for Boiler Room; she really knows what she's doing with those decks. Though I hate it at the end when those guys arrogantly push in with their records and crowd her out!

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Trash Kit  5 May 2014

What’s not to love about Trash Kit? They play perky skewed thoughtful post-punk post-pop and clearly have a lot of fun. Their singer Rachel Aggs is also in another brilliant band, Shopping. Watch the video, or listen on Bandcamp here. Find out more about our music festival, here.

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Karen Gwyer  2 May 2014

So things have been a bit quite lately because I’ve been too busy to blog. One of the more enjoyable things I've been doing is pulling together this year’s music festival which was announced on Thursday. I’ve been listening to a lot of really great music and can hardly wait until 30 August. It really is going to be a lot of fun so I hope you are planning on coming. I’ll be posting some information on some of the people performing on this blog. To start, here’s something to help you drift into the long holiday weekend; Karen Gwyer’s Boiler Room debut. A warm and assured performance from her. Beautiful in fact.

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