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Archive: July 2015

Bamboo  24 July 2015

Great to finally have someting online that I can share from Bamboo - a new band comprised of Nick Carlisle (one half of Peepholes) and Rachel Horwood (Trash Kit's drummer - Trash Kit played an excellent set last year - and electric Banjo player in Bamboo). They're on the Amphis stage around 2.45pm. Peepholes are also playing later in the day on the Gallery Stage, in betwen James Holden and Klara Lewis. Needless to say, looking forward to seeing them all! I can't seem to embed Youtube clips any more so click to hear Bamboo.

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James Holden  8 July 2015

Watch this video of James Holden on his famous modular synth set up, playing with drummer Tom Page. This is excatly what they will be doing on 5 September, accompanied by dancer Lucy Suggate. Don't miss it! Stage time 5.30pm. Recorded by Crack Magazine.

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