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Archive: November 2015

Cosmic Magnatism  17 November 2015

This beautiful image was generated by observations from a radio telecope, overlaid onto an image from the Hubble optical telescope. It shows the magnetic fields in a nearby spiral galaxy. Before we had our tour of the Radio Astronomy Observatory, just down the road from Wysing (see previous entry), I had no idea that images like this even existed. As we edge towards the end of 2015 it's good to have one last look out into The Multiverse.

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Listening to the Skies  17 November 2015

It has been two months since I updated this blog! That's because I have hardly sat down in the intervening period - I've been up to Stoke on Trent to see the British Ceramics Biennial and the beautiful Peak District, up to Leeds to see The British Art Show, across to Nottingham to check in with The Syllabus artists, been looking after our stand at the Sunday Art Fair, helped out at our young peoples' groups major outdoor festival in Cambridge, hosted a bit of a mad event on Halloween, went out to see some live music including Battles, Mark Fell, and Ryoji Ikeda and Carsten Nicolai, been in a couple of meetings with Darren Henley, out at meetings with artists, and out to dinner with our new residency artists - also went on a visit to the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory with them, a place I have been meaning to visit for the past ten years and where this photo was taken. And when I have been in Wysing, in between learning how to set up a record label, I have been working away on our 2016 programme. It has been an incredibly interesting and productive period and I'm really looking forward to sharing next years plans with everyone which we will do hopefully next week, though much of next week will be spent in Manchester at a Plus Tate meeting and I'm looking forward to seeing the new Whitworth at last. But news about 2016 plans at Wysing coming very soon indeed.

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