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Karen Gwyer  25 September 2014

Everyone who saw Karen Gwyer perform in our festival last month will remember what an amazing and disorientating journey she took us all on. It was pretty special. She opened with the deeply introverted track Missisissipippi and then by the end of her set somehow had us all wildly dancing. Here's the equally disorientating and oddly compulsive video for Missisissipippi. 

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The Raincoats  25 August 2014

So, the final act playing at the festival to be annouced is a special performance by Ana da Silva and Gina Birch, founders of the post-punk band The Raincoats. Formed in 1977 while they were students at Hornsey College of Art, The Raincoats have been hugely influential to many of the people playing at Space-Time. Really pleased that Ana and Gina are able to join us.

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Nearly There  4 August 2014

The Wysing festival is nearly upon us but before it is I'm off on a road trip with my kids to look at some very large things - Stonehenge, Avebury, Cheddar Gorge and Wookey Hole Caves. Plus, Phyllida Barlow's work at the the new Hauser and Wirth! At least that's the plan and I'm really looking forward to it. When I get back everything will be focussed on the final stages of planning for the festival, which of course I'm very excited about. There are a lot of very talented artists and musicians performing and loads of really great people coming from various independent publishers and galleries with all sorts of artists' limited editions. Some people are working on new compositions and sets so I'm keen to see what they will be like. One of those people is Factory Floor's Nik Colk Void. Here's a fragment of somethings she's been working on - on Soundcloud. Nik has also done a 'On my Playlist' selection for London's Metro newspaper which comes out this Wednesday if you are in town and can grab one. It will include some of the other people performing at Space-Time: The Future. See you at Wysing on Saturday if you're coming to our final Futurecamp event.

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One That Got Away  24 July 2014

Just over a month until our music festival and it’s all starting to come together really well - there are so many amazing people involved and I really can’t wait to see them play at Wysing. There are of course others that I would have loved to have included in the festival and who make perfect sense for it but for whatever reason – being on tour on the other side of the world or in the studio recording a new album – haven’t been able to make it this year. One of those people is Verity Susman. Susman was a founding member of the band Electrelane who were quite well known in the late 1990s/early 2000s - a bit Stereolab meets Neu! Anyway, they spilt up a while ago and Susman has been making solo work, collaborating closely with film-maker Jack Barraclough. She’s one of the people in their studio recording new stuff at the moment and so not playing live for a while. It’s a shame she can’t make it as her work is what this year’s festival is all about – fearless women taking on music and gender stereotypes with great skill and humour. What she is doing is also relevant to some of the things we have been looking at over the summer in our Futurecamp programme, particularly in relation to the digital world and an upcoming event on post gender. Hopefully we’ll see her at Wysing another time. In the meantime here’s an interview she did with The Quietus last year and here is the excellent 'To Make You Afraid'.

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Sue Tompkins  15 July 2014

I love Sue Tompkins. I just do. Thanks to The Wire for posting this recent performance.

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Helena Hauff  27 June 2014

It might be a bit early on a Friday morning to be posting this, but here's another great mix that I've been listening to a lot from Helena Hauff. It has a kind of majestic melancholia about it. Helena will be closing the music festival on 30 August and at the end of a long day of great music it's always good to know that there will definitely be some serious dancing... click here or cut and paste this link into your browser... http://lineout.pl/podcast-84-helena-hauff/ 

Click the 'spacetime14' tag for for music festival stuff. Click here for the full festival line-up.

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Ravioli Me Away  16 June 2014

Thanks to Jessica Lack for live blogging our event on Saturday. You can read the full transcript by clicking the tag 'thewayweactnowliveblogtext'. We'll be live blogging all of our events over the summer so there's more to come. In the meantime, back to the music festival and the brilliant Ravioli Me Away - Sian Dorrer, Rosie Ridgway and artist Alice Theobald - have just released a very funny, and mildly threatening, video for their clever song Cat Call. Have a look... Plus click the spacetime14 tag for more videos of people playing at the festival.

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Peepholes  12 June 2014

I'm really pleased that Peepholes are able to play at the festival this year. Trippy, mesmerising and overwhelming stuff... Full festival line-up here.

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The Future  7 June 2014

This is a really great video that the festival Moogfest made and in which Holly Herndon talks briefly about what she thinks the future possibilites in music might be. Her answer is similar to the one I have been giving people when they ask me why our festival is subtitled The Future. It's all about people working at the edges - trying things out to see what happens, blurring music, the visual and sometimes the audience. It's very interesting to think of the future in terms of that blurring at the edges - life, work, roles, genres, gender. The women taking part in our festival are are experimenting with that way of working, often working collaboratively in interesting ways. The whole festival is definitely a celebration of some of the amazing things happening when the visual and music cross over. By the way, Holly Herndon is doing a full AV show at our festival, you can see a bit of what that might look like on the video. It really is going to be amazing! The whole things is going to be amazing. Come!

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Silver Fox  1 June 2014

Silver Fox are artists based in Newcastle and I'm really pleased that they will be able to join us this year. Really lovely stuff. It's the last month to get your early bird discounted tickets sorted. Tickets with camping nearly gone! All tickets are vailable here. Also, click on the tag below to see videos by some of the people performing. It's an amazing line-up, full festival details here.

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Holly Herndon  19 May 2014

So, very I’m very excited that Holly Herndon will be performing in our festival. She’s a composer, musician and performer and currently candidate for doctoral study in Computer Music at Stanford University. She recently collaborated with Akihiko Taniguchi, who is experimenting with 3D interaction on the web, on the video for her new single Chorus, which you can see here. She took part in Rhizome’s Seven on Seven conference at the New Museum in New York earlier this month where she collaborated with technologist Kate Ray over the course of a day. More info on that conference, which also included Hannah Sawtell who is also performing live in our festival, here

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Ashley Paul  9 May 2014

Ashley Paul is based in Brooklyn and has collaborated with people like Nik Colk Void, who of course is also performing at the festival, and Phil Niblock amongst many others. She combines gentle songs with experimental sound using a range of instruments to make thrilling music and live performance. She was in Cambridge last month for an event organised by Bad Timing and it's great to have the chance to invite her back again. 

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Helena Hauff  8 May 2014

Very pleased indeed that Helena Hauff has agreed to travel from Hamburg, where she is resident DJ at the influential Golden Pudel club, to DJ at our festival. I absolutely love this set she did for Boiler Room; she really knows what she's doing with those decks. Though I hate it at the end when those guys arrogantly push in with their records and crowd her out!

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Trash Kit  5 May 2014

What’s not to love about Trash Kit? They play perky skewed thoughtful post-punk post-pop and clearly have a lot of fun. Their singer Rachel Aggs is also in another brilliant band, Shopping. Watch the video, or listen on Bandcamp here. Find out more about our music festival, here.

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Karen Gwyer  2 May 2014

So things have been a bit quite lately because I’ve been too busy to blog. One of the more enjoyable things I've been doing is pulling together this year’s music festival which was announced on Thursday. I’ve been listening to a lot of really great music and can hardly wait until 30 August. It really is going to be a lot of fun so I hope you are planning on coming. I’ll be posting some information on some of the people performing on this blog. To start, here’s something to help you drift into the long holiday weekend; Karen Gwyer’s Boiler Room debut. A warm and assured performance from her. Beautiful in fact.

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