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6 week evening course
Tuesday 4 January to Tuesday 8 February

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Have you ever wondered what Minimal Art was all about? Why people are making such a fuss over virtually nothing? This evening course aims to unlock the mysteries of this seemingly simple form of abstract art and give the participants the knowledge to understand, enjoy and discuss Minimal Art with confidence.

Beginning with a brief look at its history: from its early beginnings to the radical Minimalism of the 1960s, the Post-Minimalists and the endurance of the minimal aesthetic in contemporary art today. The course will focus on how the careful selection and use of material, texture, surface quality, scale, composition and proportion are key to understanding how Minimal Art communicates, and there will be a series of practical exercises by which you can explore these concepts.

Minimal Art with Shawn Stipling

Through experimentation and discussion we will learn how to use these fundamental elements with more consideration and greater precision in our own work.At the end of the course you will have created your own final installation or composition and you will also take away a heightened awareness and enjoyment of the experience of looking at visual art in general.

Materials: Most materials will be supplied for this course. Please wear clothes suitable for messy work and painting.

Format: Tuesday evening class 7-9pm

Transport: Please note that public bus services do not run to Wysing in the evenings. If you are interested to car share with other people attending the course, please let us know.

Fees: £150 person

Concession prices are available to book on Eventbrite (subject to availability) with options of: 

- £112 (25% discount) 

- £75 (50% discount)

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As a registered charity, we are committed to supporting artists and ticket sales help to support our charity mission. We ask you to choose the ticket you can afford and leave it to your discretion. Please keep in mind that there are people who will genuinely need the concession tickets and we have a limited number of those to offer.

Artist Biography

Shawn Stipling has been a studio artist at Wysing Arts Centre for three years. He has exhibited widely throughout Europe, Australia and the USA and is represented by galleries in Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. In 2022 he will have a solo exhibition at The Museum of Perception in Graz, Austria.