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In 2014 Wysing Arts Centre is 25! Why not give us a birthday present by making a donation, either through an online payment, via post, or by inserting cash into our newly commissioned donations box by artist Nicolas Deshayes. All income from gifts and donations is re-invested back into our programmes which supports artists to develop and make new work. For just £10 a month you could make a real difference to what we can re-distribute to artists. For more information go to Join.

Or simply donate a one off contribution of £25 - £1 for each of our 25 years - now to Wysing Arts Centre via the link below.


Give us a Birthday Present

In 2014 we are launching a capital appeal to improve our facilities, reduce our carbon footprint and lower our energy costs in a programme that will support the future sustainability of Wysing for artists and audiences. The initiative involves innovative retro-fitting of renewable energy provision to improve energy efficiency, plus refurbishment and improved accessibility across Wysing’s rural site in south Cambridgeshire. The project is a part of a wider initiative, Cambridge Retrofit, for which Wysing is the arts community of interest lead and which aims to retrofit the city of Cambridge by 2050.To receive information on our capital appeal please call 01954 718881 or email Emma Joy-Staines.

Refurbishment and Retro-fitting

In 2014 Wysing will be looking at the potential of the future through what we know of the past; realised through a programme of residencies, artistic retreats, events, exhibitions and an innovative Futurecamp during the summer of 2014.  We will be inviting artists alongside specialists in the fields of science, politics, philosophy, economics and architecture to explore what the future might hold for the individual and for society. The camp will last for ten weeks over the Summer of 2014 with an array of events, talks, presentations and workshops.  If you would like to know more and get involved in funding the Futurecamp please please call 01954 718881 or email Emma Joy-Staines.