Episdoes of TRANSMISSIONS are broadcast at 9pm on Wednesdays and 10am on Fridays. Episodes may contain mature content.

Watch TRANSMISSIONS here and find a subtitled stream here.

Access information: the main chat will be on the Transmissions website. This can be used in conjunction with the subtitled stream on a separate window, tab or device. Please note if you watch the subtitled stream directly on Twitch, the main chat will not appear. 

TRANSMISSIONS returns for Season 2 comprising eight episodes with contributions from BBZ TV, Juliet Jacques, Ignota Books, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Kat Anderson, Plastique Fantastique, Legacy Russell and many others!

Season 2 of TRANSMISSIONS will run as eight weekly episodes screening every Wednesday at 9 pm BST and repeated on Friday at 9 am BST on Twitch. The 1st episode will air on 9th of September 2020. Each artist included in TRANSMISSIONS is paid a fee in return for their contribution. In some instances, artists have waived their fees in order to donate the money to a charity of their choice. With a sense of community, all the money used to pay artists in season 2 has been kindly donated by established art institutions and commercially stable artists.  

Episode 1 | 9 September | 9PM BST
REPLAY | 11 September | 10AM BST
Kat Anderson: Bad Man Nuh Flee

Episode 2 | 16 September | 9PM BST
REPLAY | 18 September | 10AM BST 
Plastique Fantastique Communiqué: 
Beware Mars with Earth in Ascendance

W/ Plastique Fantastique / Arianne Churchman & 
Benedict Drew / Christopher Kirubi / Gentle Stranger 

Episode 3 | 23 September | 9PM BST
REPLAY | 25 September | 10AM BST 
Juliet Jacques: Spectres of Socialism

W/ Bill Morrison / Colin Newman / Deimantas Narkevičius /
The Duvet Brothers / Erica Scourti / Igor & Gleb Aleinikov  /
Jasmina Cibic / John Smith / Kerry Tribe / 
Octavio Cortázar / Oleksiy Radynski  / R W Paul /
Santiago Álvarez

Episode 4 | 30 September | 9PM BST
REPLAY |  2 October May | 10AM BST 
Lawrence Abu Hamdan

W/ Maryam Jafri / Maan Abu Taleb & Others

Episode 5 | 7 October | 9PM BST
REPLAY |  9 October | 10AM BST
BBZ TV: Past, Present and Future

Episode 6 | 14 October | 9PM BST
REPLAY |  16 October | 10AM BST 
Ignota Books: Deep Deep Dream

Episode 7 | 21 October | 9PM BST
REPLAY |  23 October | 10AM BST
Curated by Anne Duffau, Hana Noorali and Tai Shani

W/ Adam Christensen / Anaïs Duplan / Carolyn Lazard  / Hardeep Pandhal / Imran Perretta / Jordan Lord / Sung Tieu / Tabita Rezaire / Lloyd Corporation / Rehana Zaman / Isabel Waidner & Others

Episode 8 | 28 October | 9PM BST

REPLAY |  30 October | 10AM BST
GLITCHED NARRATIVES curated by Legacy Russell
W/ Georgie Grace, Tony Cokes & Others

TRANSMISSIONS was established by Anne Duffau, Hana Noorali and Tai Shani. 

Season 2 is funded and supported by BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Chisenhale Gallery, DACS, Grazer Kunstverein, Matt's Gallery, Studio Oscar Murillo, Netwerk Aalst, Somerset House Studios and Wysing Arts Centre. 

Image: Adam Sinclair.