17 March to 7 October 2021

Episodes of TRANSMISSIONS are broadcast monthly at 9pm on Wednesdays and 10am on Fridays. Episodes may contain mature content.

Access information: The main stream on the TRANSMISSIONS website will be subtitled.

Watch live and find out more on the TRANSMISSIONS website, by clicking here.

TRANSMISSIONS returns for a third Season comprising six episodes.

Season 3 of TRANSMISSIONS will run as six monthly episodes between March and October screening Wednesdays at 9 pm GMT and repeated on Fridays at 10 am GMT on the TRANSMISSIONS website. The 1st episode aired on 17th of March 2021.

Each artist included in TRANSMISSIONS is paid a fee in return for their contribution. In some instances, artists have waived their fees in order to donate the money to a charity of their choice. With a sense of community, all the money used to pay artists in season 3 has been kindly donated by established art institutions and commercially stable artists.  

Episode 1 | 17 March | 9PM GMT
REPLAY | 19 March | 10AM GMT
Group show, programmed by Anne Duffau, Hana Noorali, Tai Shani
W/ Ron Athey /  JJ Chan / Jamie Crewe / Valie Export / Ioanna Gerakidi / Will Harris /  Caspar Heinemann / Ayesha Tan Jones / Martha Rosler /  Julietta Singh / Peter Spanjer

"Our collective isolation highlights that all forms of community are now more important than ever, and it is vital that we find mechanisms to support each other through this precarious time.  In the landscape that we have found ourselves in, it is clear that many artists, writers and thinkers have had exhibitions, opportunities and subsequent fees cancelled for the foreseeable future. In response to this, we have established TRANSMISSIONS an online platform that commissions artists to share their work within a classic DIY TV show format."

TRANSMISSIONS was established and is programmed by Anne Duffau, Hana Noorali and Tai Shani. 

Season 3 is funded and supported by BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Chisenhale Gallery, Forma Arts and Media, Manchester International Festival, Netwerk Aalst, Somerset House Studios, South London Gallery & Wysing Arts Centre. 

Image: Adam Sinclair.

Production Director: Lori E Allen
Production Associate: Mika Lapid
Trailer: Adam Sinclair 
Music: Maxwell Sterling