Beeny Harwood-Purkiss is a textile and ecological artist looking at building connections between extreme textile consumption, women's rights and environmental degradation. 

Beeny Harwood-Purkiss

Taking waste textiles her pieces are created to inspire more harmonious existence between beings and the present moment. Choosing to transform her own extreme trauma and PTSD into a peaceful existence, Beeny invites audiences to reflect and find a sense of serenity with their own existence.

Beeny is a Circuit Studio holder at Wysing.

About the Inner Landscape series:

Pushing memories aside and moving into a place of stillness. 

Despite acting as a catalyst for a surge in mental health issues nationally, for a handful of PTSD sufferers like the artist Beeny the stillness of lock down brought about clarity to be cherished and for many more it was a welcomed break from the rush of everyday life.

Inner Landscape is part 3 from a series of wall hangings expressing a sense of internal tranquillity during this unprecedented event. It reflects the window of time the lucky ones of us received to slow down and become more ground in the present moment.