Mae is a movement, visual and sound artist making multi-art performance interfacing movement with visual and sound material; experimental visual pieces with film, photography and drawing; and sound art with found objects and sounds. In performance work Mae engages with light as a creative element of performance, explore found and incidental sounds to integrate into performances, and play with visibility of the body.


In visual and sound work, low-fi materials and the body play a large role in generating material and effects normally achieved through hi-tech means.
This low-fi approach enables Mae to work in non-traditional spaces and to engage audiences in playful, innovative ways. Mae's process is ‘bitty’, beginning with an intuitive and spontaneous gathering of ideas and materials, followed by deeper exploration through research, play and reflection leading to collagic work. Themes explored include new worlds and identities - stretching the bounds of ‘humanness’ and experience or making the familiar unfamiliar and vice versa, processes that underpin everyday interactions, nature (and the nature of the ‘natural’).