Robert Foster-Jones


Robert Foster-Jones’ work explores the role of the artist as a conduit for revealing hidden forms of knowledge. He is interested in different religious practices and spiritual beliefs, using influences from his research to create installation, sculpture, text and performance.

The results bring together complex imagery, symbols and narratives, with prompts for the viewer to make their own connections and interpretations. Foster-Jones is intrigued by the latent potential of the viewers’ imagination and how this completes the work, seeking to ask questions, invite participation and offer a chance for reflection.

He is fascinated by historical modes of productions that have strong connections with spirituality and the search for meaning. These processes encompass calligraphy, paper marbling and ceramics, all methods that resonate with him for the ability to still the mind, provide space for contemplation and offer a glimpse of the beauty of the absolute or the unknown.

Often his outcomes combine text, object and image in an assemblage or installation that draws upon modes of presentation that allude to votive objects, relics and shrines, incorporating signs, symbols and gestures that evoke a vision of the importance of art in relation to our search for meaning.


Robert Foster-Jones was born in 1989 in Wegberg, Germany and studied at Manchester Metropolitan University, earning his bachelors in Fine Art in 2011.