11 September, 12 noon to midnight

Our first ever day of live music, film screenings and events set across three uniquely constructed stages in the grounds of Wysing.

Click the image to see photos from the festival.

Be Glad for the Song Has No End

Music in Be Glad For The Song Has No End ranged from straight rock, through indie, punk, spoken word, ambient and free-form improvisation played on various improbable instruments such as Owl Project’s ‘i-logs’, which combine wooden sculptures with sound technology.

Other events scattered around the festival site included Kim Gordon and Jutta Koether's Reverse Karaoke, where visitors couldrecord themselves singing along to Sonic Youth’s lead vocalist, Mark Essen's Record Exchange where visitors were asked to bring records to swap, An Endless Supply festival programme and publication distribution, workshops for children, and an UBUWeb sound-system.

Be Glad For The Song Has No End brought to a close Wysing’s three month long Camp for Improbable Thinking and was curated by artist Andy Holden as part of his residency at Wysing. The festival was supported by Resonance 104.4FM, Lost Toys Records and The Wire magazine.

MAIN STAGE: Andy Holden's specially built Boulder Stage

Martin Creed and His Band
Long Meg - Kieron Livingstone, Johnny Langer, Antoinette Fernandez, Tommy Barton, Edwin Burdis, Matt Williams, Steven Claydon
Bob and Roberta Smith’s Apathy Band 
Juneau Projects
Grubby Mitts. Andy Holden's Art Ensemble of Mid-Bedfordshire
Junior Aspirin Records Present: Socrates That Practices Music
Sue Tompkins
The Errorists, led by Hilary Koob-Sassen.
Die Kunst with Richard Hylton, David Mackintosh and Martin Vincent

AMPHIS STAGE: by Folke Kobberling and Martin Kaltwasser

Mark Leckey. DJ set
Kaffe Matthews
Rude Pravo - Glasgow based band with artist Luke Fowler
Owl Projects
Joanna Robertson (ex Blood and Feathers).
Bohman Brothers with Richard Thomas, improv set
Ricky Leach
Closed Circuits
Babygrand - Norwich based artist Holly Rumble
Pyramid Pyramid - new project from painter Phil Root

CINEMA/Gallery Space

Aleksander Kolkowski. Special theatrical show with music created from wax cylinders, gramophone horns and other specially devised sound-sources. 
David Blandy. Live soundtrack to Blandy’s film Crossroads, set around the crossroads where Robert Johnson reputedly sold his soul. Performed in character.
Nico Vascellari. A 'set' of 4 of his films and documentations of performances (running time 26mins) Death Blood War, 2006 (shot at Slayer concert), Untitled Song, 2004 (drum video), Nico & The Vascellaris, 2005, Lago Morto, 2009.
Sam Bellinfante. Screening of the film Taos (concurrently part of the show Cage Mix at The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art).
Johnny Parry & Chamber Orchestra. Full show to accompany a set of film collaborations with Andy Holden that stretches back seven years.
Rob Bidder. Ex Tea and Toast Band. mixture of live narration of his animations, songs, drawings and short films presented by Rob. 


Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard. File Under Sacred Music The film of their re-staging at the ICA of infamous Cramps Concert.
Archie Bronson Outfit. A selection of their recent home-made animated videos from the new album Coconut.
Mark Dean. A selection of films. Mark taught many of the artists performing (Junior Aspirin, Grubby Mitts, Juneau Projects). Mark also DJed his selection of artist music records between bands on the main stage.
Paul Rooney. A new piece called Lost High Street (12mins) from the video-maker/musician.
Luke Fowler. Pilgrimage from Scattered Points, a film about the Scratch Orchestra, a British experimental music group from the 1960s involving Cornelius Cardew. Fowler also performed with his band Rude Pravo.
Jim Shaw. LA-based artist, part of the original line up of Destroy all Monsters, showing documentation of a recent performance involving instruments made out of body parts, chosen by the artists for the festival.
Video Reel – films by Matt Stokes, Ed Atkins, Benedict Drew.


Kim Gordon & Jutta Koether’s Reverse Karaoke. Originally commissioned for the exhibition Her Noise.
Mark Essen's Record Exchange.
Charlesworth, Lewandowski and Mann. Pirate radio sound-system in the wooded area of Wysing’s grounds. Speakers made in the form of standing stones.
An Endless Supply. The Birmingham based publication collaborate with Andy Holden on a special booklet of related material (stills/graphic scores/texts) which also doubles up as a festival programme.
Aleksander Kolkowski. CD-Recycled 45rpm. Aleksander uses his vintage record cutter to 'overwrite' existing data and cut grooves on CDs/DVDs so they can be played on a turntable.
Richard Thomas  (ResonanceFM 104.4). Richard curated one minute sounds for cinema.
UBUWeb soundsystem Live random stream from the archive in the cafe area.
Artist Record Stall.
The Wire Sound System. Rob Young and Anne Hilde-Nesset DJed on the main stage, Rob's set was themed around his new book Electric Eden, a history of British folk music, and Anne's focused on sound poetry.