Corns and Calluses, 2024

Corns and Calluses is a new commission from artist Rafał Zajko that explores labour, land, and play. The bright blue hand is sprouting wheat: it is part-human and part-plant; the artist is imagining a future in which humans might exist in innovative, unexpected forms. Zajko is often influenced by Science-Fiction, and this work marries his interest in the future of our planet, with landscape, farming, and industry. Corns and Calluses prompts us to consider the possibilities of our planet’s evolution and our relationship to it.

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Rafał Zajko | St Peter’s School

In 2022, Wysing Arts Centre and St Peter’s School, Huntingdon, began a new partnership which saw artist Rafał Zajko ‘in residence’ across a school year, running workshops with 270 Year 7 students that led to a significant commission based around their desires for the future. The artist was selected by the students in June 2022, and fifteen months on, a new series of sculptures unfolds throughout the school, with a major new artwork situated right at School‘s entrance. 

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