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We are currently inviting applications for artist studios at Wysing. 

Apply on Submittable here.

Deadline: Sunday 15 August 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact us by emailing info@wysingartscentre.org.

Personal viewings of the available studios will be arranged after the applications close, but you can attend Open Studios on Saturday 7 August to see what Wysing is like and meet current studio artists.
Find out more about Open Studios here.


We have a range of affordable studios available to license for up to five years. Alongside the studios, onsite facilities include free wi-fi, access to a ceramics studio and music recording studio, access to a kitchen and meeting area, and ample parking.

Two studios in the Strawbale building are available from August 2021 and two studios (one in the Strawbale and one in our Top Barn building) from September 2021.

About Wysing

Wysing Arts Centre develops new ways to support artists and enables art and ideas to engage a wide range of people in unexpected ways. Wysing offers a unique environment for artists, providing space for personal development and artistic experimentation and enquiry with an ongoing and innovative programme of events, exhibitions, studio provision, retreats and residencies, and unique programmes for young artists. Wysing’s large rural site near Cambridge comprises artists’ studios, education studios, a gallery and project spaces, a 17th century farmhouse and outdoor sculptures and structures.

Strawbale Studios 3 & 5

This ground floor building is aimed at early stage artists and was designed to be as affordable as possible. It therefore does not have central heating or running water (toilet facilities are in nearby buildings), but does have plenty of light, electricity and wi-fi.

Each studio has a floor area of 17.40 m²

Each studio is £97 (inc VAT)  per calendar month, plus bills.

One available from August 2021 and one available from September 2021. 

Strawbale Studio 7

This ground floor building is aimed at early stage artists and was designed to be as affordable as possible. It therefore does not have central heating or running water (toilet facilities are in nearby buildings), but does have plenty of light, electricity and wi-fi.

Floor area 34.80 m²

£194 (inc VAT)  per calendar month, plus bills.

Available from August 2021.  

Top Barn Studio 5

This is a first floor studio with stairs access (no lift is available in this building). The studio block has a dedicated toilet, central heating and free wifi.

Floor area 19.7 m²

£149.72 (inc VAT)  per calendar month, plus bills.

Available from September 2021.

How to Apply

Studio applications are submitted online via the website Submittable here.

You can save and return to your application at any time up until the deadline.

Please read the Wysing Studio Policy before making an application. 

To apply, you will need to provide us with the information listed below, each as a separate document:  

-Your name, address and contact details and details of which studio/s you would be interested in leasing.
- A statement on your practice (max 300 words).
- A description of why you would like a studio at Wysing and what you could bring to the Centre (max 300 words).
- A CV.
- A selection of up to 10 images of your work (or other relevant material such as video, or send a document with links to websites hosting material such as Vimeo or Youtube).

If you would prefer to submit your application in audio or video format instead of written format this can be uploaded.

The deadline for applications is midnight on Sunday 15 August 2021.

Further Information

Please read the following Wysing Studio Policy before making an application.  

Wysing Studio Policy:

Wysing Arts Centre provides affordable, subsidised, studios to visual artists who support Wysing’s values and ways of working. Wysing’s ethos as an organisation is one of artistic enquiry and experimentation and this ethos is applied to the studios.  

Studios are leased to artists who want to use the opportunity of being at Wysing, for up to five years, as a way to move their practices forward. To secure and maintain a studio at Wysing, artists need to commit to engaging with Wysing’s artistic programme, through attending events and exhibitions, and being open to playing a role in educational and other programmes. Being a studio artist at Wysing is more than simply licensing space; it is a commitment to being an active contributor to the Wysing artistic community.

Studios are licensed for up to five years*, to enable a large number of artists working across a range of media to benefit from the subsidised rents and access to Wysing staff and programmes.

Subsidised studios at Wysing are for visual artists who are:

- At Wysing as a developmental opportunity.

- Committed to critically engaged contemporary visual art practice.

- Establishing a career as a professional artist.

- Committed to at least two days/ 16 hours per working week (excluding weekends) to using their studio. We understand that artists may need to be away from studios to undertake commissions and residencies but ask that Wysing is kept informed of long absences.

- Exhibiting or engaging in opportunities (exhibitions, projects, residencies) regularly, nationally and internationally.

- Committed to constructively participate in the active artistic community at Wysing.

- Keen to allow visitors to the site access to their studio.

- Willing to participate in opportunities to promote Wysing and its activities, when appropriate. 

Wysing subsidises the studios through its Arts Council England funding, to enable rents to remain low. Wysing is an educational charity and a not-for-profit organisation and as such studio artists are currently exempt from paying business rates. Studios therefore cannot be used as a registered business address or to undertake solely commercial activity.

Lease period

Leases are reviewed annually at review meetings with a curator. Studios leases will only be secure if artists are able to demonstrate their usage of the studio, their commitment to the organisation and with Wysing Arts Charity’s core values and organisational objectives. The time a studio will be rented to same artist is up to a maximum of five years.

Studio meetings and support

Wysing Arts Centre’s curatorial staff can provide up to two formal review meetings per year to artists licensing studios. This is an opportunity for critical feedback, professional development and mentoring. The meetings will also include a review of how the studio is being used; in line with this policy. Specific advice may also be available. 

In addition, Wysing offers support to studio artists through access to facilities and equipment, opportunity to build artistic networks, work opportunities (for example, leading workshops on our education programmes) and occasionally through Test Space, which is a public programme for studio artists to try out new ideas and directions. Wysing's exhibitions and other public activities are part of Wysing's programme of support for artists on residencies at the Centre. 

The culture of Wysing

Wysing’s staff team have worked hard to create an atmosphere where artists are encouraged to push their practices and take creative risks. Additionally, artists participating in residency and other programmes are encouraged to join studio artists and staff at social times, such as lunch times, to informally network. The culture of the centre is one of dialogue, discourse, collaboration and enquiry. 

We also have a Code of Conduct, which everyone who works at Wysing is committed to.

Lease termination

Wysing aims to avoid having inactive subsidised studios at any time. If an artist does not adhere to the studio policy and the values and aims of the organisation, articulated through the artistic programme, their lease will be terminated with one month’s notice. If an artist wishes to leave their studio before the end of the term of their lease, they are required to give one month’s notice.  


Because Wysing is establishing itself as an active community of artists who will be selected on both the quality of their work and their commitment to being positively engaged in the community, sub-letting to other artists is prohibited.

*From January 2017 a small number of artists annually will be invited to apply to join a new initiative: Studio Programme Associates. Artists will have been identified by Wysing staff through ongoing discussion.