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Join our studio artist community!
Apply by Monday 15th July, at 5pm.

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We are currently inviting applications for a low-cost accessible artist studio at Wysing. Leases are open ended, with annual check in’s from WACS team. Alongside the studios which are accessible 24 hours, onsite facilities include free Wi-Fi, access to Wysing’s ceramics studio, rehearsal space and music recording studio at a subsidised rate, kitchen and meeting area, and ample parking. This studio is especially suitable for artists with access requirements.

Join our studio artist community!

There is also the opportunity to apply to an annual Test Space professional development bursary which is available only to Wysing Studio Artists. Studio artists are regularly invited to meet artists who are part of Wysing’s national and international residency programme at social times, such as lunch times, to informally network. 

The studio is on the ground floor with ceiling height windows providing good natural light, electricity, under floor heating, and wi-fi. With access to a shared toilet and sink on the ground floor.  

Cost per month: £279.38 inc VAT per calendar month, plus bills. 

A deposit of £194.00 is required 

Floor area: 36.76 m² 


About Wysing’s studios 

Wysing Arts Centre provides affordable, subsidised studios to artists who support Wysing’s vision, mission, and values. Studios are leased to artists who want to use the opportunity to be at Wysing to move their practice forward. Currently, leases run for five years with the option to extend for up to three years as part of Wysing’s Associates programme. 

There are 20 artist studios at Wysing, which is 10 miles outside the city centre. Public transport infrastructure is very limited. There is free parking on site. The studio buildings are spread across several blocks. Two blocks have heating, one does not; prices are calculated accordingly. The studios are subsidised by Wysing’s core funding from Arts Council England, with the cheapest being £91.20/month (£5.57 per square foot) and the most expensive being £343 (£7.60 per square foot). 

Wysing’s studios are suitable for artists who:  

- See time at Wysing as a developmental opportunity 

- Are committed to a creative practice, and to using their studios regularly

- Are at a critical point in their careers, when they could benefit from being part of Wysing’s studio artist community with the ability to make full and active use of Wysing’s resources 

- Exhibiting or engaging in opportunities (exhibitions, projects, residencies, workshops) locally, nationally and internationally 

- Keen to allow visitors to the site access to their studio, for example school and university groups and curators  

Studio Meetings 

Wysing Art Centre’s curatorial staff will provide up to two formal review meetings per year to artists with studios. This is an opportunity for critical feedback, professional development, and mentoring. These meetings also include a review of how the studio is being used.

To Apply 

Our studios will suit artists who will benefit from having an affordable studio, and who would actively contribute to our artistic community and Wysing’s networks.

All applications go through a selection process overseen by Wysing’s programming team.   

We will consider studio share proposals, including artists who apply individually as we may connect them with existing studio artists.  

Click here to apply.

We will ask you for the following:  

- Your name, address and contact details. 

- A statement on your practice (300 words). 

- A description of why you would like a studio at Wysing, why access to Wysing’s resources and facilities will benefit you at this moment in your career, and what you would bring to the centre and its community (500 words). 

- Information relating to your personal circumstances, if you feel these have acted as a barrier to you benefiting from similar opportunities or practising as an artist in the past. This might include information on your financial circumstances, your cultural background, gender or sexuality, or details of any access needs. 

- Whether you have any access requirements.  

- A recent CV and up to 5 images of your work or other relevant material. 

DEADLINE: Monday 15 July at 5pm.  

Wysing is committed to equity. We acknowledge that certain areas of society are not proportionally represented within the arts sector; we are doing what we can to correct this. We are committed to providing equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their background. We welcome applications from all backgrounds including, but not limited to, those who identify as from marginalised backgrounds based on any protected characteristic including age, racialization, gender identity or sexuality, disability or long-term health condition, pregnancy, maternity or marital status, religion or belief, and class background or class identity.