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The Wysing Polyphonic Studio was established in 2017 to support new music and sonic works to be created at Wysing Arts Centre. The studio emerged from Wysing’s annual festival of art and experimental music which has been operating since 2010, and it is the HQ of the Wysing Polyphonic record label. The festival and artistic team at Wysing is female led and the studio is managed by majority female technical staff. The studio, festival and label have been established to create a safe space for music and sonic production, within an atmosphere of inclusion and support. 

Wysing Polyphonic Studio

The Wysing Polyphonic Studio has been designed with input from sound engineers and offers:

An enclosed, wooden, acoustically-treated Control Room (dims: l 3.3m x w 2.4m x h 2.4m). The control room features a Midas M32 digital mixing desk, an iMac with Logic and Ableton and two sets of monitors calibrated for the room through an KRK Ergo system. The room also includes a sofa and tea/coffee making facilities

A separate, enclosed, wooden acoustically-treated Vocal Booth (dims: l 2.3m x w 2.4m x h 2.4m). We have a range of microphones available including an SE Electronics Z5600a II Condenser Microphone, a Sennheiser e609, Shure SM7Bs and Shure SM57s. 

Additional facilities include:

A connected live room (dims: 37.5 square metres) with natural daylight that can accommodate larger set-ups and which includes a basic backline.

The Wysing Grange Farmhouse which can accommodate up to ten people.

Wysing technical staff are able to provide an introduction to the studio set-up and we have a specialist sound engineer that we work with.

We understand that different people have different set-ups and we are very happy to work out a package of costs that suits you and what you want to do.

For a full technical specification and hire rates, please download a PDF of information here.

To book the studio call 01954 718881 or email info@wysingartscentre.org.

The Wysing Grange Farmhouse can accommodate up to ten people.

The Wysing Polyphonic Studio was funded with generous support from Foyle Foundation, the Amey Community Fund (part of the Landfill Communities Fund) and Arts Council England.