4 December 2010

In early December 2010 Bedwyr Williams built a spectacular sculpture, Beehive Skyscraper, in the woods at Wysing. At 26ft tall, the sculpture could be one of the tallest beehives in the world.

Bedwyr Williams

The hive is based on a design by William Broughton Carr (WBC), which has sadly fallen out of fashion with beekeepers because of the complexity of its construction and use.

Williams built the sculpture in the company of local beekeepers, who were on hand to talk to. Honey products were also on sale and mead was served. The event celebrated the end of the Year of the Improbable at Wysing.

Bedwyr Williams is an artist who is well known to Wysing. During the summer of 2010 he was an artist in residence at the International Camp for Improbable Thinking. During this time he investigated farming subcultures and agricultures from an improbable perspective. He created new artworks such as Woolley Back – a Ram-bicycle and Buzzing Beehive, which was shown at Ceri Hand Gallery’s Pop Up Space during the Frieze Art Fair 2010, London.

Williams’ overall body of work includes stand-up comedy, sculpture and painting, posters and photography and he is known for adding a comic twist to his art which is inspired by his own life experiences.

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