DISRUPT x Wet Mess
Saturday 27th May, 8.45pm 
Cambridge Junction 

As part of DISRUPT Festival, 2023-24 residency artist Wet Mess is performing their show, TESTO - work in progress. 

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DISRUPT is back, bringing life-affirming, imagination-firing performance to Cambridge from the UK’s most exciting artists. We promise to thrill you with fists full of live art, performance and dance from early til late.

Featuring work from Samir Kennedy, In Bed With My Brother, Lou Robbin, Katy Dye, ELOINA, Lucy McCormick, Daniel Oliver, Catherine Hoffmann, Nando Messias, Gillian Jane Lees and Adam York Gregory, WET MESS, and Greg Wohead.

Hosted by Midgitte Bardot.

Come join us for one of the UK’s finest art parties, topped off by Club Urania til LATE!

We want to make DISRUPT accessible to everyone so we’re offering tickets on a variable cost basis to remove financial barriers, please consider paying a higher ticket price if you can.

Wet Mess: 

Wet Mess is a wet mess, horny for your confusion. Let it all out and guess again at the insecure balding white man/pussy prince/alien baby. Have a lollygag, think about your fantasy flesh suits, call me sweet prince, and remember Roger in a robe. Choose to make some silly campy decisions, with all the hairy thems and dykey men. Mainly thinking about cunnilingus cunni cunni lingus but also being more unknown than known. All I really wanna do is strip for the stripper and drive her home with the dogs. 

Wet Mess is a current artist in residence at Wysing Arts Centre. 

Testo - Work in Progress:

TESTO is a show about sitting in the confusion of gender and social conformity. Trying to be more unknown than known, it will use drag as a tool to present different versions of the self, blurring lines between reality & performance.

TESTO is supported by Wysing Arts Centre, Battersea Arts Centre and Cambridge Junction.