Radio (Study) Day
Sunday 21 August, 12–5pm. Live online event

For their Radio (Study) Day from Wysing, current artists-in-residence Henna-Riikka Halonen, Evan Ifekoya, Lawrence Lek and Laura O’Neill will take radio broadcasting as a starting point for exploring the potential of the listening subject.

Find a podcast of this event here.

With access to huge amounts of information online through podcasts and ‘how to’ videos, the act of learning is becoming an increasingly individualistic and solitary experience. Radio broadcasting however offers both the solitary experience of listening, and access to the temporal experience of live radio production. It also offers access to a temporary shared community of fellow listeners.

Historically a powerful tool for connecting people and bridging distance, Radio (Study) Day will also pose questions about the role of radio today and its relationship to digital technologies. Four different programmes broadcast throughout the day will draw on the artists' diverse research to address ideas around staging, scripting and fakery and the four artists, alongside invited contributors, will draw on speech, music and sound to think about the critical and creative possibilities of listening in an ocular-centric society.

For Radio (Study) Day the artists will take over the Wysing homepage, inviting
audiences to listen and participate via a live radio stream. The day will be broadcast again by Resonance FM on Monday 29 August, 12–5pm.


12pm – Lawrence Lek introduces the Radio (Study) Day and presents Sino-Futurism, a new work in two parts: a live soundtrack and commentary for an unmade film about a fictional artist AI and an essay on Sino-Futurism, combining spoken word with fragments of cinema history. Followed by a discussion with fellow residency artists. 

1.15pm – Laura O’Neill introduces Bending Over Backwards, a new work described as "pure presencing affecting affectable bodies; a mapping of rhythm interspersed with film, curved down with soft selves/around the bend". Bending Over
Backwards features a mixed sourced text from poet Greg Nijs. Followed by a discussion with fellow residency artists. 

2.30pm – Henna-Riikka Halonen
introduces Pareidolia, a new work where the writing and re-writing of a film script and a soundtrack becomes a spatial play with walls and borders, teasing out the universal through the personal. Confusing the time zones, truth and fiction in order to grasp the ever unreachable right now of right now, Pareidolia is a search for an image or imagination in a realm where the only sense we have is hearing.
Featuring Dr Jeanette Baxter and artist Arnaud Moinet and followed by a discussion with fellow residency artists.

3.45pm – Evan Ifekoya introduces This Catalogue of Poses, a radio play-in progress exploring the daily lives of four figures in a photograph, some of whom are more alive than others. Beginning at a spectral house club night in London, the characters dialogue across as if inhabiting the past and future simultaneously. Original score devised in collaboration with aigrefou
(Netherlands/Morocco). Followed by a discussion with fellow residency artists. 

4.45pm – The four artists re-convene for the last fifteen minutes of broadcasting.   

5pm – End. 

Artists' Biographies

Henna-Riikka Halonen has worked on and produced many large scale video and performance projects and commissions and has shown her work widely in international exhibitions and festivals such as Research Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2015; You Imagine What you Desire, Biennale of Sydney 2014; Eden The Pow(d)er of Fear, Lilith Performance Studio, Malmo, Sweden; Fictitious Entry, Uqbar, Berlin; Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, New York; Gallery Factory, Seoul, Korea; Saison Video, France; Transmediale, 2012, Berlin; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Festival De Nouveau Cinema, Montreal; Incheon International Biennale, Korea and ARTE TV Channel (France/Germany). Halonen lives and works in Helsinki and her residency has been made possible through the support of Frame Finland, HIAP and The Finnish Institute in London.

Evan Ifekoya’s current work investigates the possibility of an erotic and poetic occupation using film, performative writing and sound, focused on co-authored, intimate forms of knowledge production and the radical potential of spectacle.

Recent exhibitions include A Quiet Violence of Dreams at Stevenson Gallery, Cape Town; Okun Song at StudioRCA, London, 2016; All Of Us Have A Sense Of Rhythm, David Roberts Art Foundation, London; Embodied Spaces, FramerFramed, De Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam – both curated by Christine Eyene, Studio Voltaire OPEN, London, all 2015; and 30 years of the Future, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, 2014.

Recent performances and screenings include Sticky Black: A Broadcast at Jerwood Space and A Score, A Groove, A Phantom: The Extended Play at Whitstable Biennale 2016. Collaborative projects include Collective Creativity: Critical reflections into QTIPOC creative practice and Network11. Ifekoya currently lives and works in London.

Lawrence Lek uses architectural fabrication and video game software to produce virtual worlds, video performances and immersive installations, often based on real places. His work deals with the uncanny experience of simulated presence, and how themes of desire, memory, power, and immortality drive our encounters within virtual realms. Recent projects include QE3, Glasgow International 2016 at Tramway; Secret Surface, KW Berlin; Software, Hard Problem, Cubitt Gallery; The Uncanny Valley, Wysing; Unreal Estate, Royal Academy; Performance as Process, Delfina Foundation; Sky Line for Art Licks Weekend 2014 Digital Commission. Lek is a resident artist at The White Building and winner of the 2015 Dazed Emerging Artist Award and ICA/Tenderflix Artist Video Award and Jerwood/FVU 2016 Award.

Laura O’Neill will be a 2017 resident artist at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam. Past projects include; Composite, Brussels, 2016; ICA Film Biennale, 2016; Focal Point Gallery’s Big Screen, Southend-on-Sea, 2016; Bikini Wax, Mexico City, 2015; ICA, London, 2015; Camden Art Centre, London, 2015; Baltic 39, Newcastle, 2014; Liverpool Biennale, 2014; Spike Island, Bristol, 2013 and a recent film commission from Mexico City Metro.

Laura O'Neill would like to thank: Agnieszka Szczotka, Alejandra Arrieta, Alex McNamee, Alistar Baldwin, Amanda Espinoza, Andy Hart, Andrea Herrada Main, Antony ward, Annesylvie Henchoz, Alfredo Salomón, Alice Turner, Ben Joe, Benito Mayor BeMaior, Canan Batur, Christian Tonner, Chloe Latimer, Danny Oakes, Diego Flores, Dwayne Coleman, Ella Bear, Elizabeth Bear, Ellie Pratt, Euan Latimer, Evan Ifekoya, Fleur Melbourne, Francis Drayson, George Morris, Girolamo Marri, Gleb Vysotski, Guy Oliver, Hanae Wilkes, Ian Robert Slater, Javier Calderon, Jemma Egan, Jess Bryan, Jessie Denny-Kaulbach, Jill Mcknight, Joe Begley, Jonathan Surples, Joss Heierli, Jorge Bobadilla, Justin Fitzpatrick, Julie F Fox, Julia Frank, Karolina Magnusson Murray, Kate Jackson, Kathlene Stevenson, Keith Winters, Kostantinos Pettas, Laura Kelsall, Laura Mcmullen, Lara Kenworth,y Leo Cohen, Linda O’Neill, Linda Nagajeva, Louise Ginsgberg, Lucia Quevedo, Luis Ramirez Pedraza, Luke Stevens, Luli Perez, Magdalena Firlag, Matilda Moors, Matthew Ferguson, Marcos Castro, Martha Hivid, Mike Bear, Mina Azmy, Minsun Lee, Monica Valcarcel-Saez, Natalie Price Hafslund, Natalie Woodward, Neil Hass, Nicole Vinokur, Nils Alix Tabeling, Owain McGilvary, Paula Smolarska, Rachael Bear, Rachael Szaloky, Roj-Azud Zorlu, Ruby Bear, Samantha Harvey, Sean Lavelle, Sophie Latimer, Rodrigo Garcia Dutra, Tanya Moulson, Valentina Pini, Vera Karlsson, Victoria Grenier, Willem Wilke, William Darrel and Yan White.