Wysing Summer Open 
Saturday 22 July, 1pm to 6.30pm

Join us onsite for our Wysing Summer Open, a relaxed day-long celebration of our artistic programme with contributions from studio, residency and associate artists, Club Urania favourites, and our Creative Youth Council. Expect performances, new works-in-progress and an opportunity to explore Wysing’s studios. 

Ticket options include travel from Cambridge and an informal summer picnic. 
To book a ticket via Eventbrite, click here.


1pm to 5pm — Open Studios, Presentations and Performances  
5pm to 6.30pm — Informal Summer Picnic and Performances 

Open Studios 

Open Studios is a chance for visitors to see work being made by Wysing studio and associate artists, meet artists onsite and explore Wysing’s rural campus and facilities (including our Ceramics Studio).

Participating artists include: 

Aaron Ossia 
Bettina Furneé 
Beverley Carruthers* 
Caroline Wendling*
CJ Mahony 
Emanuela Cusin 
Emma Smith* 
Fiona Curran 
Georgina Manning* 
Isobel Meredith-Hardy 
Josh McCormack 
Lawrence Epps* 
Nurbanu Asena* 
Penny Klein 
Robert Foster-Jones 
Rohini Kapil 
Shawn Stipling 
Sophie Hill* 

Artist names marked with a * will make a presentation of their work at Wysing, but will not be present at their studio on the day of Wysing Open.  

Ruth Angel Edwards and Chloée Maugile — Hyperopia 

Ruth Angel Edwards and Chloée
Maugile will preview Hyperopia,
an experimental multi-channel film shot at Wysing in winter 2022. Hyperopia marks Edwards and Maugile’s first major collaboration and features performances from Kierston Wareing (Fish Tank, Top Boy, Eastenders), Anthony Gopaul, Gerhard Sanft and Vanessa Walker. 

Creative Youth Council 

The Creative Youth Council will be showcasing activity from the last few months. There will be marvelous manifestos on display made with Rachel Sale, as well as their Peculiar Arcana Tarot cards made with Alexi Marshall.  

As part of the Summer Open, you are welcome to take part in our lino cutting workshop with Alexi Marshall. This is a relaxed drop-in session from 1 to 4pm. There will also be a big reveal of their current project: a huge collaborative lino print map! 

Carol Sorhaindo 

View Carol Sorhaindo’s new site-based commission The Golden Crown. Carol Sorhaindo was in residence at Wysing in 2022 as part of The World Reimagined project. Invited to work with Wysing again for the New Block Commission, Carol has created a work which explores plants, textiles and fragmentation. 

The Golden Crown is supported by the Art Fund. 

Murphy Yum 

Murphy Yum is in-residence at Wysing between June and September, spending time researching and developing new work. As part of our Wysing Summer Open, Murphy will present a new work-in-progress responding to Wysing’s agricultural landscape.  

Murphy Yum's residency is supported by Knotenpunkt, with additional support from Flat Time House. 


Throughout Wysing Open, expect performances from Club Urania favourites and studio artists Robert Foster-Jones and Penny Klein.  

Robert Foster-Jones will present a new participatory performance developed during his time in the British Ceramics Biennale Talent Development Mentoring Programme, June 2022 - January 2023. Inspired by his interest in talismans, the work will act as an invitation for those gathered to consider the potency of objects to act as a link through memory to a point in time and space. 

Penny Klein will present a work-in-progress. This theatrical performance will take place in her studio, incorporating large-scale drawing and experiments in storytelling. 

Club Urania performers TBA! 

Informal Summer Picnic 

From 5pm, we will serve a summer picnic of fresh salads, dips and local produce. The picnic will include vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. 

Dinner will be accompanied by performances as part of Club Urania's programme. 

Dinner is priced at £10 per person. Please book ahead via the Eventbrite link here.

Access Information 

Accessible parking and toilets are available.  

A decompression space is available onsite. 

The outdoor grounds at Wysing are uneven and have varying surface textures, which may cause some difficulty for unaccompanied wheelchair users. 

If you have other access requirements that you would like to check with us, please get in touch with John Bloomfield at john.bloomfield@wysingartscentre.org and we will be happy to help. 


Tea, coffee, soft drinks and cake will be available for visitors with vegan and gluten free options. You are welcome to bring along a picnic for lunch. 

From 5pm, an informal summer picnic will be served, priced at £10 per head. Please book ahead via the Eventbrite link here.

Getting to Wysing

We have ample parking on site. Public bus services run hourly from Cambridge (No. 18 from Drummer Street) to Bourn Village Monday to Saturday. Please check bus times before travelling. Wysing is a 15-minute walk from Bourn, but please note this is along a busy road. Find out more about transport information on our website here.


Creative Youth Council 

The Creative Youth Council (CYC) is designed for and with young people aged 14 to 18. All sessions are free for attendees and take place on the second Saturday of every month, 12 to 4 pm. We invite young people to develop new creative projects and events, give them decision making powers within the organisation, and the chance to roam our woodland and fields, use our ceramics and recording studio and work with artists on lots of different projects.   

Club Urania 

Club Urania is Cambridge's premier performance and music night for LGBTQ+ people and their friends. Founded as a creative space for the queer crowd, its sell-out shows have hosted the best and bizarrest of queer performance and live art including Figs in Wigs, Harold Offeh, Pink Suits, Wet Mess, Lewis G Burton, and many more. Club Urania is a collaboration between Cambridge Junction, Wysing Arts Centre, and other queer organisations, artists, and promoters: Celia Willoughby, Diarmuid Hester, and Roeland van der Heiden.

Ruth Angel Edwards

Ruth Angel Edwards is a multidisciplinary artist based in London. She works across a wide variety of media, showing works in a range of contexts both inside and outside of traditional art settings. Exhibitions in the UK and internationally include Arcadia Missa, Auto Italia South East, Almanac, Peak, Le Bourgeois, ICA London; Bonington Gallery, Flo Skate Park Nottingham; FACT, Royal Standard, Liverpool; Wysing Arts Centre, As It Stands and Human Resources, Los Angeles; Stadtgallerie Bern, Switzerland; at Postcheckamt with 3hd and at The Wig, Berlin, Mathew Gallery, New York; Lottringer Halle 13 Munich and Denfrei Copenhagen. She has produced radio for NTS, Resonance, Sunflower and Comet Radios in London, Montez Press Radio in New York, Berlin and London, Cashmere radio in Berlin, KChung Radio in Los Angeles and WCBN Ann Arbor in Michigan, US. 

Alexi Marshall 

Alexi Marshall is a Hastings-based artist who graduated from the Slade School of Art in 2018. She works in print, mosaic and embroidery investigating themes of womanhood, folklore and regeneration. The hand is always present; handmade, hand sewn, hand carved, hand printed, hand bound. The traces it leaves are often visible and embraced. Lines, bodies and worlds fold into each other to create theatrical tableaux, driven by storytelling and otherworldly narrative. Marshall has exhibited her work in three solo exhibitions; mostly recently, ‘Under The Pomegranate Moon’ at Flatland Projects in May of this year. ‘Cursebreakers' at the De La Warr Pavilion in 2021, and ' The Redemption of Delilah' at Public Gallery, 2019, to name a few. She founded and facilitates a community based project, ‘Peculiar Arcana’, centering on fostering connection within groups through tarot and printmaking.   

Chloée Maugile 

Chloée Maugile is a multidisciplinary artist working broadly in writing & directing actors/ for live performance and film. The work is rooted in surreal narratives that follow voices ranging in age, class & creed depicting the boisterousness of the rise and fall of the everyday. 

Graduating from Slade School of Art in 2019, Maugile has written performances V&A, Young Vic, The Block, South London Gallery, Peak Gallery, Wysing Arts Centre & an upcoming show at Primary Gallery 2023. In 2020 Mugile was awarded a grant for a written commission by New York based art publisher Montez Press. In 2021, my artist film; At Dawn Good Manners To Look Good" was shown at the London short film festival. More recently have directed artist films for musicians such as Lolina (relaxinn records) 2022.

Carol Sorhaindo  

Carol Sorhaindo is a visual artist. She draws inspiration from nature and landscapes, particularly plants of economic, health, and ethnobotanical interest on the island of Dominica where she currently lives. Her research uses plants as pigments and she extracts fibres from plants for textile dyeing. Having lived in both the UK and Dominica, Carol’s own migration story, entangled transatlantic history and impact on mental wellbeing are of key importance. Carol explores the interplay of dark and light, joy and pain which are brought to light through botanical narratives which speak of migration, trauma, African and indigenous knowledge, resistance and healing. 

Murphy Yum 

Murphy Yum was born in Seoul and grew up on the outskirts of Seoul in Korea. She currently works by coming and going between France and Korea.   

As a visual artist, she works with everyday objects and machines that have a plastic exterior and appear easy to handle, such as household articles with motors and electric cradles. She pays close attention to the relationship between objects and users and seeks to transform them into something new and unexpected by repairing, dismantling, and assembling them in various installations. Through this empirical method, she creates an illusionary space where care and negligence coexist. 

Studio Artists 

Information on individual studio artists can be found here.