18 October — 28 November 2010

Partnering presented work developed through improbable and productive artists’ partnerships with Phyllida Barlow, Caroline Wright, Helen Rousseau & George Szirtes; EASTgoesEast; Luca Frei; Abbas Hashemi & Simon Woolham; Catherine Hemelryk & Hayley Lock; M4SK 22; Emma Smith; and Helen Stratford & Diana Wesser.

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9 April — 23 May 2010

Artist-led initiatives and studio groups from across the eastern region re-located to Wysing’s Bourn centre for six weeks in an unusual take on the established art fair model. With well over fifty artists contributing plus special events, PRESENTS highlighted the breadth of artistic output in the eastern region. With Aid & Abet, Beyond, C-O-L-L-I-D-E-R, Kaavous-Bhoyroo, Lost Toys Records, Market Project, Outpost, PROJECKT, Semi Formal Discussion Network, Stew and YH485 Press.

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7 January — 28 February 2010

The Cassiopeia Plan was an informal trilogy of three video works that together offered a narrative journey for the viewer to travel through and reflect upon. In the works, Waller proposes ideas of co-operation and redemption; in manoeuvering out of dead-ends and towards new unlikely visions.

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