2 November — 20 December 2009

Julie Brenot, Lucy Conochie, David Kefford and Lee Marshall.



The artists in Expanded explore the boundaries between painting and sculpture, the image and the object.

In Julie Brenot’s work one image forms a starting point for a series of expansions; an urban landscape is reduced to a graphic image and then expanded and abstracted through a series of drawings and paintings until finally an environment is achieved.

In David Kefford’s drawings, sculptures and montages, idiosyncratic objects and images are brought together to create individual objects that ‘speak’ to one another within the framework of the gallery space.

Lucy Conochie takes architectural details as the starting point of her expanded paintings, painting directly onto walls and other surfaces.

Lee Marshall’s paintings draw on the techniques of street art; tag-like motifs, such as the cloud, rainbow and prism. In his work references from graphic design, advertising, computer games and comics are drawn together in large scale immersive environments composed of individual painting and sculptures.

Expanded coincided with the launch of Own Art at Wysing Arts Centre. The scheme, facilitated by the Arts Council, enables Wysing to offer interest free loans for the purchase of artwork - both from the exhibition and also all year round from the studio artists based at Wysing Arts Centre. More information about Own Art can be found here.