19 September — 5 October 2008

Wysing went INSIDE OUT; turning our entire 11 acre site over to the 24 contemporary artists who worked here from studios.  Artists took over kitchens, offices, greenhouses and the gallery spaces as an alternative take on the open studios format, revealing hidden and unseen places that may never have been noticed before.



Wysing Inside Out

Wysing Inside Out ran for three weeks during which we programmed a weekly series of events, film screenings in association with the Cambridge Film Festival and artist led alternative site tours, live music and performance evenings as well as three weekend workshops for all ages.

Over the weekend of the 26-28 September in particular we linked up around the Region to celebrate the launch of the Cultural Olympiad.

Artists included: Jeremy Andrews, Michael Brennand-Wood, Julie Brenot, Elena Cologni, Clare Crouchman, Mark Dixon, Sarah Evans, Abbas Hashemi, Oliver Hein, Katherine Hymers, Helen Judge with Cathy Dunbar, Nicholas James Juett, Olga Jürgenson, David Kefford, CJ Mahony, Nora Maycock, Anne Mie Melis, Bob Race, Stephen Robinson, Kiki Stickl, Andrew Tanser, Matthew Topham, Chris Wood and Simon Woolham.