28 May — 31 May 2012

And If It Was, It Can’t Be Is was a four day retreat in May 2012 programmed and conceptualised in collaboration with artist Mark Titchner.

Escalator Retreat 11

We invited artists and curators to an exploration of 'the self' to examine its construction and deconstruction. During an intensive four days, participants were the subject and focus of the retreat and took part in workshops and exercises which challenged routines and preconceptions. Crits and practical talks ask participants to reflect on their practice, consider new or alternative ways of producing and to approach their work from other and alternative perspectives.

Artist Mark Titchner also led activities over the four days, which included contributions from experts from diverse fields.

The participants were: Annabelle Craven-Jones, Mat Do, Clare Gasson, Claire Hope, Glen Jamieson, Shama Khanna, Kit Poulson, Kari Rittenbach, Florian Roithmayr and Alan Stanners.

The invited speakers were:  Beth Elliott, Joy Magezis, Gordon Melvin,  Anthony Morgan, Simon O'Sullivan and Jill Shanks.