Syllabus IV will be at Eastside Projects, Birmingham, over the weekend of 1 to 5 August. Please note, we have already selected the participants for Syllabus IV.

Syllabus IV artists Scott Caruth, Libita Clayton, Jessica Coleman, Bettina Fung, Laura Hindmarsh, Beth Kettel, David Lisser, Alicja Rogalska, Kirsty Russell and Abigail Sidebotham are visiting Birmingham for their final retreat with the theme of 'Future Survival'.


The group arrive in Birmingham and have a day to install work at Eastside Projects, with the assistance of Eastside Projects staff and technicans. 


Friday will be spent sharing and discussing work with the partners and Artistic Advisors, Helen Nisbet and Sonya Dyer. In the evening, the group will attend Digbeth First Friday.


Saturday will begin with a practical workshop led by Ben Messih and Rosalie Schweiker about cooperation and survival in hostile environments, such as art institutions and the UK migration system. Based on their shared experience of running a post office with primary school children, Ben and Rosalie will come up with a shared set of strategies that the group will be able to apply in their everyday lives. 

After lunch, there will be a short reading group on three texts: Jan Verwoert's 'Exhaustion & Exuberance', Maya Angelou's 'A Day Away' and Sheila Ghelani's 'Will engaging in this activity...'

This will be followed by a group walk with contributions from Hardeep Pandhal, Celine Condorelli, Kelly Large and Adham Faramawy and a dinner at Eastside Projects.


Sunday will close with a workshop from Artistic Advisors, Helen Nisbet and Sonya Dyer, and workshops inspired by the work of Lois Weaver and Octavia Butler.