3 to 5 September

Syllabus VI visit Birmingham for their next gathering, hosted by Eastside Projects.

Syllabus VI artists James Clarkson, Lauren Craig, Ufuoma Essi, Bettina Furnée, Olga Grotova, Helen Hamilton, Elsa James, Freya Johnson Ross, Daniel Trivedy and Sam Williams are visiting Eastside Projects in Birmingham.


After a check-in and introduction to Eastside Projects, artist Harun Morrrison will lead a walking workshop along the Birmingham canal network. Using the canals as a point of departure, the group will consider 'being-situated' and how this relates to itinerancy. Before dinner, the group will be introduced to Eastside's neighbours Stryx, Grand Union, Centrala and Recent Activity.


In the morning, Syllabus artists will work with the Eastside Projects team on an exercise called 'Taking Space'. Each Syllabus artist has 25 minutes to take and use in any way they like: they can share work, ideas, texts, experiments, films, thinking, niggling problems, propositions, scores, instructions … 

In the afternoon the group will work with Modern Clay on a workshop, before a dinner in the gallery with guests.


On Sunday, artist Samra Mayanja will lead a workshop in the form of a game that breaks and scatter the language we use around our own practice. The day will end with lunch and a debrief/planning session.