17-19 June
Wysing Arts Centre

Wysing Arts Centre, Eastside Projects, New Contemporaries, S1 Artspace, Spike Island and Studio Voltaire are pleased to have the Syllabus artists return to Wysing for a final few days. 

The Syllabus retreat: Wysing Arts Centre

The artists that were selected for the first year are: Simon Bayliss, Noel Clueit, Susie Green, Mathew Parkin, Rory Pilgrim, Jessica Sarah Rinland, Tom Salt, Lucy Steggals, Tom Varley and Rafal Zajko. 

The final retreat for the artists over this year-long programme sees them returning to Wysing, where they initially met in June 2015. Led by Andy Holden, the retreat invites the artists to present some of their latest work to The Syllabus partners; Eastside Projects, New Contemporaries, S1 Artspace, Spike Island, Studio Voltaire. The artists have been invited to develop a Saturday session for eachother with Andy Holden's support.

Friday 17 June
The artists are invited to present new work to the Syllabus partners throughout the day. Featuring screenings, performance, video and sculpture, the works will be shown informally in the Wysing exhibition gallery and open studio. This is followed by dinner and an informal discussion about the overall programme and next steps.

Saturday 18 June
11am - 1pm. Shared readings and discussion around the texts: Jorge Luis Borges, 'On Exactitude in Science', Mike Watson's 'Towards a Conceputal Militancy', and Stephen Wright 'Towards a Lexicon of Usership' and Mark McGowan's films, Rolling on the floor for no reason, There is no meaning to life, The right to be lazy, Austerity is a Scam

2pm - 5pm. TUMBLR CLUB - discuss one image/clip/short text that relates to the concept of art as 'usership' and the 1:1 scale based on reading of the above essay, or something that as a gut reaction relates loosely to this theme, or interpretation of this notion...

5pm - 8pm. Afternoon free to discuss eachother's work, progress through the Syllabus and future plans

8pmDinner followed by a film screening selected by the Syllabus artists

Sunday 19 June

We say goodbye to the first year of The Syllabus artists. 

*Please note that the Syllabus II artists have now been selected and you can read about them on our current press release here. 

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