Limited spaces for workshops on Thursday 7 & Friday 8 March for up to 90 students, working with artists from Ravioli Me Away. In this fast-paced day get the opportunity to meet artists from Ravioli Me Away, see the exhibition, and create new collaborative work using sound, props and costumes.

For further information or to book please contact our education team via email or phone 01954 717108.

View from Behind the Futuristic Rose Trellis – An Opera is an ambitious and exciting new live work by Ravioli Me Away (RMA) - three female directors, performers and composers. At Wysing, the immersive work will be shown as an exhibition with two live performances.

The opera incorporates video work, set design and costumes inspired by sci-fi and suburban architecture aesthetics. This surrealist, multi-media musical opera takes the audience on an audio enhanced journey as The Protagonist (the soul of humanity) searches for a body that can give it meaning. View from Behind the Futuristic Rose Trellis – An Opera is a colourful, comi-tragic take on individual and collective aspiration, explored through diverse media and music genres.

Curriculum links: Citizenship, SMSC, Art, Music, Drama, Design & Technology

Key themes to explore:

  • Identity
  • Politics
  • Collaborative artwork
  • DIY & multimedia
  • PHSE
  • Character development
  • Improvisation and movement
  • Prop and costume making