2 October — 6 January 2013

Elizabeth Price was nominated for the Turner Prize 2012 for her solo exhibition at BALTIC in Gateshead. For her contribution to the Turner Prize exhibition Elizabeth is presenting the video work The Woolworth's Choir of 1979 which she edited at Wysing over the summer of 2012 during our artists residency The Mirror.

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21 September — 10 November 2012

Working with ceramics, printed textiles, hand painted furniture and wall murals, The Grantchester Pottery’s project at Rowing Gallery inaugurates their Interior Design Service with works specially produced for the home. The Grantchester Pottery will temporarily transform the gallery into a workshop; part studio, part showroom. Reminiscent of the pottery studio at Wysing Arts Centre where the artist’s work, the space will become a place in which to develop, display and document their decorative works.

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21 September — 11 November 2012

Chisenhale Gallery presents a new commission by Ed Atkins in his largest solo exhibition to date, Us Dead Talk Love. Atkins works primarily with high definition video and writing, exploring ideas of corporeality and materiality through digital and immaterial means. Using prosumer technology, he exploits the conventions of cinema and literature, attempting to materialise the body of the imagery, the equipment and the figure behind the camera. Ed developed Us Dead Talk Love during his residency at Wysing over the summer 2012, working within the metaphor of The Mirror.

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23 June — 23 June 2012

Limits of Seeing - Views from Above and Below

A collaboration between VISUALISE at Anglia Ruskin University, Wysing Arts Centre and Cambridge University Institutute of Astronomy.

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21 June — 21 June 2012

Wysing Artists and Programmes Curator Elinor Morgan took part in Pecha Kucha at the Sainsbury Centre as part of Norwich Festival of Architecture.

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8 June — 24 June 2012

An exhibition of work by artists Emanuel Almborg, Sidsel Christensen, Lucienne Cole, KIMI CONRAD, Joe Crowdy, Laura Garbštienė,  Jan Peter Hammer, Matthew Noel-Tod and Ordinary Culture (formerly YH485 Press), curated by RCA MA Curating Contemporary Art students Conroy, Cicely Farrer, Ellen Greig, Juste Kostikovaite, Galit Mana, Nicholas Warner and Sophie Williamson, at French Riviera, London.

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