7 November to 2 February 2020

Florence Peake and Tai Shani's ambitious exhibition Andromedan Sad Girl, commissioned by Wysing in 2017 with funding from Arts Council England and additional support from the Henry Moore Foundation and The Elephant Trust, travels to CentroCentro, Madrid

The exhibition has been re-worked fro CentroCentro's 'Absolute Beginners' programme. 

Drawing on their research into structures of feminism, Andromedan sad Girl is an imagining of what a pre or post patriarchal site could be. Peake and Shani are interested in exploring the fluid mythologies and imagined futures of lost civilizations. The artists take an archaeological excavation as a point of departure to imagine and represent non-hierarchal, pre-historical or futuristic civilizations, imagined through ambitious new sculptural works and wall paintings.

Using multilayered elements, including sound, the whole installation takes the visitor to a highly theatrical space and invites them to rest inside this immersive environment. The sound, with vocals from Florence Peake and produced in collaboration with recent artist residency and composer Maxwell Sterling, suggests a pre-linguistic dimension where speech is not yet acquired, but open.