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Henry Moore, Maquette No 1, 1955  29 January 2013

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Suffolk  13 January 2013

I’m not often in the lovely county of Suffolk, but this week I’m planning on being there three times. Tomorrow, Cally Spooner and I are driving to Aldeburgh Music for a bit of a look around and a few meetings. It’s a long drive through some very winding roads so I’m keeping a nervous eye on the weather. The worst case scenario is that they shut my kid’s schools, which they seem to like to do at the first sign of a snowflake, and if that happens they are going to have to come too. Hope she, and the people we’re meeting, won’t mind... I suppose the really worst case scenario is that it’ll take many hours of driving and sliding over snowy roads! Hopefully not. Then, on Friday I’m heading over to Smiths Row Gallery in Bury St Edmunds for the launch of their new exhibition. Our Development Manager Niki Braithwaite is the new Director there, covering Alison Plumridge’s maternity, and it’ll be her first PV in the new job so I want to go and say hello. The show looks really great too has been co-curated with Cambridge’s Super 8 group. I think Simon Mullen, who did the films for our music festival in 2011, has something to do with Cambridge Super 8, but I’m not sure. Then next Sunday I’m heading down to Saxmundham to see Ryan Gander, who came up to Wysing recently for a chat. He’s got some very exciting plans going on down there, so I’m going to find out a bit more. In between that I’m in London and am of course very much looking forward to Edwin Burdis’ event at Wysing on Wednesday. He has made a truly epic new work and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.

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