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The Silver Pipes of Ur  22 April 2016

Very lapsed with blogging because I have been out and about so much these days that time at my computer is totally consumed by catching up with emails and other neglected correspondence. One of the reasons I've been out so much is to see a lot of music and to talk to people about plans for our music festival, Wysing Polyphonic. This year's festival will be totally acoustic, an idea that has been encouraged by key people including David Toop and Paul Purgas. Talking it over has been a great pleasure as it has brought me into contact with a lot of amazing people. On this acoustic journey, I have been lucky enough to see the incredible Barnaby Brown perform on re-constructed copies of the wonderfully named The Silver Pipes of Ur (c. 2450 BC). For Wysing Polyphonic, Barnaby will be playing the triplepipes, the ancester to the highland bagpipe. He literally plays three pipes all at the same time and each has a different role within the music. Together, they have an extraordinary drone sound and tap into something very ancient and moving. Here is Barnaby playing The Silver Pipes of Ur alongside a recontructed lute of the same period. Click here to go to Youtube. 

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