Blogging about some of the things happening at Wysing, or influencing what happens at Wysing.

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Waiting  24 September 2015

Katja Noviskova's Swoon Motion quietly waits for final works to be installed and cables tidied away.

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Shiva’s Grotto  22 September 2015

Incredible video simulation of Wysing's grounds and a beautiful homage to our Tree Keep by Lawrence Lek. Very special indeed.

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Feldspar (Hadal Zone)  22 September 2015

Installing Joey Holder's giant print on the gallery floor today. The print provides an initial terrain into the Uncanny Valley

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Swoon Motion  18 September 2015

New Katja Novitskova work detail. Still in it's crate and about to be assembled.

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Critters  16 September 2015

Glorious new work by Julia Crabtree and William Evans included in our upcoming exhibition The Uncanny Valley.

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The Uncanny Valley  14 March 2015

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