The Wysing Podcast series shares discussion, research and new work in audio and video formats.

002 Do It With Others

For the second event in our Summercamp series we invited Furtherfield to develop and lead the day-long symposium, Do It With Others - Art and Solidarity in the Age of Networks. Do It With Others - Art and Solidarity in the Age of Networks explored art as a commons (defined as the cultural and natural resources accessible to all members of a society) in the age of networks and neoliberalism. It asked how practices, circulation, appreciation and stewardship of the arts can be emancipated for all.

The day was devised and led by Furtherfield (Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett) with contributions from artists Gretta Louw and They Are Here (Helen Walker & Harun Morrison) and writer Tim Waterman. More details of the event can be found here.

002A Marc Garrett – Unblocking Proprietary Systems

Marc Garrett, presents his research into different types of grassroots culture and the ways in which they actively re-examine, critique, and hack their way around the controlling conditions of black boxes, proprietary systems and techno-cultural production. 

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002B Tim Waterman – Situating The Commons

Tim Waterman, landscape architect and theorist, discusses how the negotiation of the commons takes place in two distinct realms that are increasingly reaching into and shaping one another: the long history of the landscape commons both in cities and in the countryside, and across digital networks.

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002C Ruth Catlow – DIWO to DAOWO - Collaborative arts and the blockchain.

The DIWO (Do It With Others) campaign for emancipatory, networked art practices was instigated by Furtherfield in 2006 and it is informing an artistic engagement with new blockchain technologies; to organise, cooperate, p2p and at scale to transform approaches to contemporary economic and social challenges.

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002D Discussion

Open discussion moderated by artist and curator Gretta Louw.

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002E Gretta Louw – Networking the Unseen

Networking the Unseen is the first exhibition of its kind to focus on the intersection of indigenous cultures and zeitgeist digital practices in contemporary art.

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002F They Are Here

Combining DIY digital culture with socially engaged activity, Helen Walker & Harun Morrison of They Are Here are collaborating with local residents and organisations across Finsbury Park. 

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