The Wysing Podcast series shares discussion, research and new work in audio and video formats.

004 Two Steps to the Left…

For the third and final event in our Summercamp series, artist Sonia Boyce developed a very special day-long symposium and live music event Two steps to the Left… in collaboration with artist-in-residence Evan Ifekoya. In keeping with the theme of radical art practice of the 1970s and 80s, Two steps to the Left… takes US artist Adrian Piper’s groundbreaking interactive performance, Funk Lessons (1982–85), as a point of departure, to explore dance and movement as a political act; asking what role does dance and music play in the creation of momentary communities, of dissent and assent.

Two steps to the Left… included presentations, workshops and discussions, including contributions from artists and academics Ain Bailey, Adelaide Bannerman, Sonia Boyce, Yassmin V Foster, Evan Ifekoya, Melika Ngombe Kolongo and Zinzi Minott and live music performances from Ain Bailey, ORETHA, and Nkisi. More details of the event can be found here.

004A Evan Ifekoya and Zinzi Minott – Thinking Enough to Let it Go

Introductions by Donna Lynas and Sonia Boyce, follwed by Thinking Enough to Let it Go, a guided movement improvisation devised and led by Zinzi Minott and Evan Ifekoya, and a discussion.

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004B Yassmin V Foster

A presentation by Yassmin V Foster highlighting and discussing the ability to recognise black dance, even when it is not being performed by a ‘black’ body. 

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004C Adelaide Bannerman

 Adelaide Bannerman gives a presentation on Adrian Piper’s Funk Lessons (1982–85) with guided active listening and dancing. Followed by questions and discussion. Please note, for reasons of copyright the audio of Funk Lessons is not included.

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004D Ain Bailey

Ain Bailey gives a presentation on spaces for collective gathering. Followed by questions and discussion.

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004E Melika Ngombe Kolongo

Melika Ngombe Kolongo gives a presentation on NON, a politically minded collective and record label dedicated to music created by African artists and the diaspora.

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004F Ain Bailey, ORETHA and Nkisi DJ Sets

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