The Wysing Podcast series shares discussion, research and new work in audio and video formats.

017 Farmhouse Podcast: Anna MacMahon and Salote Tawale

Our programme of residencies, retreats, exhibitions and events bring many fascinating artists, thinkers, musicians and curators to Wysing each year. Many of these stay in our 17th century farmhouse, the beating heart of our site. The farmhouse has long been a site of exchange, best encapsulated by the kitchen table where ideas are shared over a meal and by a conceptual work in the house by artist Ruth Beale, which asks residents to leave a book as a contribution to a growing library. In this new podcast series, we will be taking inspiration from this role the farmhouse plays to focus a conversation on the idea of exchange, asking visitors to talk about something they've brought to the house and something they're taking away with them when they leave.

In this first episode, we caught up with summer artists-in-residence Anna MacMahon and Salote Tawale to chat about their collaborative project focusing on queerness, family and food; their reflections on the Cambridgeshire landscape and the importance of bathing to good hosting.

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The Farmhouse podcast was recorded in Wysing's Polyphonic Studio by Wilf Speller. Music is by Alice Theobald's Taking Stock With Alice project, which provides free music for not-for-profite creative use.