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Thank you for your interest in the Ceramics Studio Membership scheme.

To apply for membership, please email us on info@wysingartscentre.org

Applications for membership currently has a rolling deadline - you can apply any time.

If you would like to arrange a visit to see the studio, please get in touch by emailing info@wysingartscentre.org 

Wysing Ceramics Studio Membership

Are you looking for somewhere to be able to make ceramics work? Our studio is open to public access through a new membership scheme.

When is the studio available?

Public access days will be available Thursdays between 10.00am to 8.00pm each week and the first Saturday of every month 10.00am to 6.00pm. You can access the studio up to 8 hours per week.

What facilities are available?

The studio has pottery wheels, moulds, equipment and a kiln. We have a basic clay and glaze stock that you can purchase while on site. We also have some storage space for you to bring your own clay, glaze or equipment, but you will need to make sure it is labelled with your name so that others sharing the space don't accidentally use it. 

There is ample parking on site, including two accessible bays near the front entrance. 

Will I be able to fire work?

We will run firings on a regular basis, but completed work will need to be taken away promptly as storage is limited. The kilns will be operated by our experienced technicians, who will consult all members about firing schedules and timings.

Please note that because we're operating a shared space, there may be some weeks between firings that meet your specific needs. 

How much does a membership cost?

Monthly membership is £140 per month. 

Signing up for six months upfront is £800. 

Signing up for a full year upfront is £1,500. 

Concessionary rates are available for those on lower incomes and this can be discussed with a member of our team. 

Who can become a member?

You will need to have prior experience of working with ceramics, including good knowledge of the health and safety of working in this medium. Access to the studio will largely be unsupervised, so you must be ok with working independently and our application process will ask you to demonstrate your knowledge and experience. We aren't providing tuition as part of our membership programme.

You must be aged 18 or over to be a member.

Members will need to attend a health and safety induction before using the studio regularly. 

How many people can use the studio at once?

The studio will accommodate up to 6 people at once. We recommend memberships for people who are happy to work in a shared, collaborative environment. 

How will you select members?

We will be looking for people with a good level of experience. We will also be looking for a mix of practices across the membership; for example, we'll only select one or two people who regularly use the pottery wheels in order that we're able to meet firing demands.

We're also looking for people who are supportive and representative of Wysing's broad values and who would be happy to work in a shared space with others.

When can I apply?

Applications for membership currently has a rolling deadline - you can apply at any time.

Once your application has been received, the Wysing team will take a look at your application. If you've been selected, we'll be in touch with you to let you know how to book the space and to arrange a health and safety induction first of all.

You should be able to access the studio a month after being selected.

Apply for membership by emailing us at info@wysingartscentre.org.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please email us at info@wysingartscentre.org.

Access Information

You are welcome to to submit your application in video or audio format if you prefer. You can upload a video or audio file on the Submittable application page.

There is ample parking at Wysing including two accessible bays next to the front entrance. 

The entrance of the ceramics studio does not have a level surface and has a low step.

If you have access requirements that you would like to check with us, please get in touch with Lorna O'Brien, Wysing’s Deputy Director, at lorna.obrien@wysingartscentre.org and we will be happy to help.

About the Ceramics Studio

Our ceramics studio was originally founded in 2014 by Grantchester Pottery and has a range of equipment including moulds, wheels and two kilns. Historically, the space has been used primarily by Wysing studio and residency artists, but we'd like to invite people who live fairly locally to enjoy the space too.