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A collated series of photographs of two people interacting with a yellow ball between them.

Loreto Valenzuela:
It Moves, We Move, I Move

Saturday 25 June 2022, 10am–⁠4pm
One day course

For more information about It Moves, We Move, I Move, click here.

A jelly print being peeled off a plate. The print is of layered natural forms and leaves and is made with blue and orange ink.

Helen Kenny:
Jelly Plate Printmaking

Friday 1 July, 9.30am–⁠4pm
One day course

For more information about Jelly Plate Printmaking, click here.

A person is in the centre of the foreground with their back to the camera, walking along a track through a large field, towards a horizon line of trees.

Caroline Wendling:
Walking Drawing / Drawing Walking

Saturday 10 September 2022, 10am–⁠5pm
One day course

For more information about Drawing Walking / Walking Drawing, click here.

A spot lit dancer on a black background who is leaning backwards with one arm reaching up and the other arm on their shoulder.

Bailey Grayson:
Dance Improvisation and Choreography

Sunday 11 September 2022, 10am–⁠4.15pm
One day course

For more information about Dance Improvisation and Choreography, click here.

Trees and grass in a garden overlaid with colourful graphic hands using augmented reality.

Nurbanu Asena:
Introduction to Augmented Reality

Saturday 17 September 2022,
10am–12.30pm or 1.30–4pm
Half day course

For more information about Introduction to Augmented Reality, click here.