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We are pleased to deliver The W.O.OSE Network with partners Outpost, Norwich. W.O.OSE was developed together with orginal co-founders Open School East.

Our organisations came together after a year of conversations among ourselves, and with artists, to create a network to support and connect artists across generations.

What connects our organisations is our commitment and experience in supporting artists at an early stage of their career, and the fact we are all situated in burgeoning regional arts scenes.

The W.O.OSE Network

We asked artists about what they felt would be most useful for them and the answers they gave were invariably: a network of peers, connections with older or more experienced artists, as well as with curators, opportunities for visibility, to exhibit and to survive as artists.

While we can’t alleviate the high costs of living in this country, we can help them gain exposure and develop their career in a connected environment, as well as opening our networks to them. This is what the W.O.OSE Network sets out to do.

The W.O.OSE Network brings together Fellows, Advocates and Supporters. The Fellows are emerging artists who will be given exclusive access to a range of development and exposure opportunities. The Advocates are established artists who are invested in helping support the next generations of artists.The Supporters are patrons who help make the opportunities of the Network available to the Fellows and play a key role in developing a new way of supporting artists.

To establish The W.O.OSE Network we have a fundraising target of £30,000.

Donating to the campaign will enable:

*An annual commissioning award that includes:
- A residency at Wysing
- A solo exhibition at Outpost

*Multiple mentoring opportunites throughout the year

*At least two major networking and public events opportunities for artists per year.

*An online space for artists to connect to and find eachother.

Thanks to Arts Council England's Catalyst programme, every pound donated will be match-funded £ for £; doubling every £ raised.

Make a donation securely through the button below. Full details can also be found at www.woose.network

Artist Elizabeth Price has made a donation to the campaign and says:

"It has never been easy for young people from working and lower middle class backgrounds to become artists. It has always been a precarious career, hard to establish and difficult to sustain, especially if you have family responsibilities. It was hard for my generation, but I look around now at the prospects for younger artists and I have to say it looks virtually impossible. When you combine the costs of education with housing and studio costs, along with low wage, insecure employment on zero-hours contracts (even when working for Universities!) - it leads to the unavoidable conclusion that there is no realistic career route for most. That is why initiatives like this are so essential, providing a life-line of economic and peer support that will enable some, at least, to make it through. This is important, not just because individual artists will be able to fulfill their own potential, but also because art itself desperately needs a broader social demographic. The W.O.OSE Network provides a much needed focus, enabling established artists and the wider artistic community to come together and offer support to younger generations, in whatever way they can: providing time and expertise or through donations."

Artist Yinka Shonibare has donated to the campaign and says:

“Artists at all stages of their career are looking to support each other and provide creative exchange and opportunities. At a time when artists are feeling increasingly isolated and unsupported, The W.O.OSE Network will provide time, space and money – all of which are under threat – to enable artists to fulfil their potential.”