Space Time: The Future is Wysing Arts Centre’s fifth annual festival of art and music. For the first time the festival will focus primarily on women in experimental and electronic music and art, or bands fronted by women. It will include twelve hours of live music, performance and screenings across three indoor stages alongside a covered stalls area, presenting artists’ editions, music merchandise and publications.

Tickets can be purchased via our Eventbrite page HERE or in person at Wysing Arts Centre.

Tickets with camping and return travel from London are available. Free entry to children under 13 when accompanied by a paying adult. For local accomodation we recommend AIRBNB.


Space-Time: The Future


This year's festival at Wysing celebrates some of the incredible live output that sits at the intersection of art and music being made by women artists and musicians today. With:

Ashley Paul / Hannah Sawtell / Helena Hauff / Holly Herndon / Holly Rumble / Jenny Moore / Karen Gwyer / Lucy Railton / Lucy Woodhouse / Manuela Barczewski / Nik Colk Void / part wild horses mane on both sides / Peepholes /  Ravioli Me Away / Seeds and Bones / Silver Fox / Sue Tompkins / The Fucks / Trash Kit / WE / Woolf / Yola Fatoush

Youtube and Vimeo clips of people performing can be found HERE.

Read about Wysing's festival in New York based, online magazine, Cool Hunting. HERE.

Read an interview with Wysing's Director in PRS for Music's online magazine M, HERE




11.15pm: Helena Hauff / resident DJ at Hamburg’s Golden Pudel club.
10.15pm: Holly Herndon / San Francisco based composer, musician, and sound artist. 
8.45pm: Nik Colk Void / of London based electronic noise trio Factory Floor and Carter Tutti Void.
7.30pm: Peepholes / Katia Barrett and Nick Carlisle, walking a tightrope between punk and dance music.
6.15pm: The Fucks / Jemma Freeman, Dan Blackett & George Lionel Barker, upbeat post punk ballads.
5.15pm: Lucy Railton / cellist and co-director of  London Contemporary Music Festival.
4.15pm: Hannah Sawtell / video, digital image, sculptural installation, printed matter, industrial design & noise.
3.15pm: Yola Fatoush / Ruth Angel Edwards & Kit Mason, skittering beats, perky pop-garage sub-bass & Shangaan electro.
2pm: WE / Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Victor M. Jakeman and Emily Rachel Beber, fragments of 1980s club classics, 1970s power pop & surf tunes.
1pm: Ravioli Me Away / Sian Dorrer, Rosie Ridgway & Alice Theobald, jazzy, post-pop-punk, hip-funk outfit.
12 noon: Silver Fox /  Susie Green, Rebecca Knight, Laura Lancaster and Rachel Lancaster, vibrating harmonies and primal beats.



9.30pm: Karen Gwyer / US born, electronic artist and part of Opal Tapes and No Pain In Pop.
8.15pm: Ashley Paul / New York based performer and composer based in who uses saxophone, clarinet, voice, guitar, bells and percussion.
7pm: Trash Kit / Rachel Aggs, Rachel Horwood & Ros Murray, a wild feel for melody and a heartfelt kick inside each song.
6pm: Woolf / Colette, Georgina Conformity, Irene Revell & Sophie Brown, dissonant punk, proto hardcore and psycho noise-pop.
4.45pm: Jenny Moore / Canadian-born artist making performances for voices, xylophones, organs, electric guitars, flags, and cowbells, featuring the band Charismatic Megafauna.
3.45pm: Sue Tompkins / Glasgow based artist whose spoken works, re-present snatches of material gleaned from the everyday.
2.30pm: Lucy Woodhouse / visual and sound artist interested in the impact of the internet and Smart devices on human encounters.
1.30pm: Manuela Barczewski / loosely structured sound loops using guitar, bass guitar, effect boards, organ, voice with found lyrics.
12.30pm: Seeds and Bones / spin-out of Cambridge-based psych-folk band Fuzzy Lights. Solo performance by Fiona Allison.





12pm: Live Performance - part wild horses mane on both sides / Manchester-based ritualistic improvisers and sound artists Kelly Jayne Jones and Pascal Nichols
3pm: Live Performance - Holly Rumble / Norwich based sound artist, most recently working with birdsong.
4pm: Screening Programme - Bonnie Camplin / Rachel Maclean / The Gluts (Gina Birch of The Raincoats, Kaffe Matthews and Hayley Newman) 

7.30pm: Q&A - All female radio show The Other Woman joins forces with TGA Magazine and alt-choir Gaggle to present a panel discussion and Q&A, asking performers at the festival to share their experiences and expertise in '3 Is The Magic Number'. Chaired by Gaggle choir leader and journalist Deborah Coughlin, each panelist will set out their three tips; three killer pieces of advice they have for women in electronic and experimental music, whether that be a book they've read, a programme they use, something someone once said to them... the three things that are key to their success. The discussion will be recorded and posted online after the festival.

9pm: Screening Programme - curated by At Home with the Ludskis


Durational: In Reception - The Foam archive of commissioned dub plates, one-off, 12” records by over 100 artists. The image for the festival poster and publicity is Candice Jacobs', 'Pleasure Voyage, re-mixed loops from Ibiza chillout albums', 2013 and from the archive.

2-7pm: In the Marquee - Artists’ editions, music merchandise and publications with AND Publishing / Arcadia_Missa Behind the X / French Riviera / Girls Like Us / Grand Union / Guggenbichler & Schweiker / Kate Morrell Mexico / Occasional Papers / One Thorsby Street / OUTPOST / Pelican Haus / Piper Keys / Primary / Pro Numb / Sex Shop / SYSON / Trade / The Everyday Press.

Tickets can be purchased via our Eventbrite page HERE or in person at Wysing Arts Centre.

Tickets with camping and return travel from London are available. Free entry to children under 13 when accompanied by a paying adult. For local accomodation we recommend AIRBNB.

Stages, stage times and stage running orders may change.





KAREN GWYER - closes the Amphis Stage

PEEPHOLES - play the Gallery Stage

HOLLY RUMBLE - performs in the Studio Stage

TRASH KIT - play the Amphis Stage