30 August 2014, 12 noon to midnight

Space Time: The Future is Wysing Arts Centre’s fifth annual festival of art and experimental music. 

Space-Time: The Future

For the first time the festival will focus primarily on women in experimental and electronic music and art, or bands fronted by women. It will include twelve hours of live music, performance and screenings across three indoor stages alongside a covered stalls area, presenting artists’ editions, music merchandise and publications.

Wysing’s festival was initially formed to profile music made by visual artists and in its first year included a host of artists with a musical side to their practices. The festival has evolved and over recent years has sought to platform artists and musicians whose work crosses these two artistic disciplines, around loose curatorial themes.

Space Time: The Future has emerged from a number of commissions and performances at Wysing over recent years, including a collaboration funded by the PRS for Music Foundation by visual artist Keren Cytter with musicians from bands Maria & the Mirrors and Vindicatrix, all of whom were in-residence together at Wysing during the summer of 2013; and artist Cally Spooner’s A capella work for over twenty women singers which was developed at Wysing in 2013 and performed at Performa 13, New York and Tate Britain, in February 2014.



Space-Time: The Future aims to be a starting point; an eclectic first attempt at celebrating some of the incredible live output that sits at the intersection of art and music being made by women artists and musicians today.

Artists and acts for Space-Time: The Future will be announced on 1 May 2014 but in the meantime please hold the date of 30 August and subscribe to our e-bulletin for updates, follow us on Twitter @wysingartscentr or like us on Facebook.

Tickets for the festival, which sold out in 2013, will go on sale on 1 May 2014. Browse the archive of previous festivals, here.