Opaque Poetics
2 September 2017, 1pm-1am

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We are very pleased to be partnering with Cambridge Junction on the production of this year’s festival.






Annual Music Festival

Our 2017 art and music festival, Opaque Poetics, is curated by artist, music producer and DJ, and co-founder of the international collective NONNkisi (Melika Ngombe Kolongo), who will also be playing live, and is the 8th music festival to take place at Wysing. 

The precisely curated lineup of some of the most influential and exciting international artists, musicians and producers of their generation touches on genres including ambient, techno, industrial and soul. Each act has been given space on the programme to create immersive and intense soundscapes that will take the audience on a journey across twelve hours.

The initial lineup includes Angel-Ho / Abyss X / clubcouture with special guests / Felix Lee / John T. Gast / Kamixlo / Klein / Naee Roberts / Nídia / patten / terribilis / Tribe of Colin / plus more to be announced.

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“Nkisi makes objects, not tracks. Her music is densely layered and tightly crafted. Its rhythms whorl, its textures mutate. Existing in a state of constant change, these objects shape and reshape themselves, drawing heterogenous sounds and syncopations into their orbits, like nails driven into wood.” Tiny Mix Tapes 

Tribe of Colin




Felix Lee