5 September 2015, 12noon to midnight

Space-Time: the Multiverse is Wysing Arts Centre’s sixth annual festival of art and music and is loosely curated around the themes of altered states and multiple identities.

Music ranges from early techno, funk, post-punk, industrial, field recordings and abstract pyschedelia. For the first time the festival’s main stage will be situated in the centre of Wysing’s gallery, allowing for an immersive environment with surrounding video interventions, including by visual artist Jesc Bunyard.

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Image credit: Jesc Bunyard, Untitled, C-Type Photogram, 2013


LoneLady / is Julie Campbell, and vice versa. Her highly acclaimed new album of poetic, deeply personal and unapologetic work, Hinterland, has just been released on Warp Records.

Drill Folly / the electronic project of Sarah Phelan, Drill Folly’s industrial percussion sits atop heavy sound art textures and a menacing sense of abstracted melody.

Klara Lewis / is a Swedish composer whose critically acclaimed debut album Ett was released by Viennese label Editions Mego in 2014. Lewis combines found sounds, field recordings and electronic textures to create sparse and compelling work.

Peepholes / following their thrilling appearance at Space-Time 2014, Peepholes bring their cloaked dance anthems back to Wysing in the context of this year’s immersive and psychedelic stage.


James Holden with Lucy Suggate / fascinated by the dense, psychedelic and expansive nature of DJ and Producer James Holden’s sound, choreographer and dancer Lucy Suggate will perform in response to a live performance by Holden.

Beatrice Dillon / a composer and DJ whose extensive sound archive and musical knowledge touches on a wide range of styles, from dance music through to field recordings and rare folk.

Tomaga / channel various forms of multi-instrumentalism into music that moves by turns through industrial, jazz, psychedelia and minimalism, on its way to somewhere wholly other.

Rose Kallal & Mark O Pilkington / Rose Kallal is a New York based artist and musician working with 16mm film projection. In her collaboration with UK based musician, esoteric writer and publisher, Mark O Pilkington, the two create an immersive hypnagogic experience.


Ectopia / the project of cellist Vicky Steiri and artists Adam Christensen and Jack Brennan, Ectopia takes Christensen’s dark lyrics somewhere intensely subterranean, but ultimately liberating.

Ravioli Me Away / a dangerously ambitious and delusional all-girl jazzy, post-pop-punk, hip-funk outfit back at Wysing’s festival for a second year following a period as artist-in-residence at Wysing for band member artist Alice Theobald.

The Fish Police / combining upbeat surreal pop imagery with glitchy beats, The Fish Police have created their own unique blend of electronic future funk, pop and hip hop.

Joey Fourr / post-pop-post-punk-post-funk-post-indie. Difficult to categorise but always a lot of fun, three-piece Joey Fourr bring their danceable joyfulness to the Amphis stage.



Bamboo / the new project of Nick Carlisle (Peepholes) and Rachel Horwood (Trash Kit) featuring electric bango, synths and with layered, distorted vocals.

Squares and Triangles / recordings and performances explore the possibilities of song-oriented improvisation, with Anthony Braxton, the Frogs, and Whitney Houston cited as inspiration, as well as the collective-minded work of the Red Krayola and AACM.

Orlando / setting the scene for the day, Orlando start the festival with their dream-like and mesmerising “music for telepathic amphibians”.


Laura Buckley / a visual artist who creates dazzling light installations, Buckley has previously collaborated with musicians Andy Spence from New Pony Club and Paul Purgas of Emptyset. For Space-Time: The Multiverse she will create a new immersive installation.




The festival will include additional performances curated by Electra who are in-residence at Wysing across the summer, alongside a screening programme and a covered stalls area showcasing experimental galleries, publishers and record labels.

Early Bird Tickets are on sale until 30 June 2015. Ticket prices will increase by £10 each from that date.

Ticket prices inclusive of booking fees:

Early Bird Day Pass £30
Early Bird Day Pass plus Camping per Person £40
Early Bird Day Pass plus Coach Travel from London £50



Orlando open the festival, first up on the Amphis stage