Wysing Polyphonic
2 July, 12 noon - 11pm

Our first event across the summer is our annual music festival which this year will be fully acoustic for the first time. Performances will range from abstract sound experiments, drone, choral ensembles, improvised jazz, whistling, song, spoken word, and performances using ancient instruments.

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Collective Creation between Welfarism and Austerity
Saturday 16 July, 12-5pm  

For our first Summercamp event, taking place across the summer, we have invited Professor Gavin Butt to develop and lead a day-long symposium, entitled Collective Creation between Welfarism and Austerity. The symposium is developed from Butt’s research on post-punk culture and British art schools and focuses on collective creation across art, music, and performance, between the heyday of the Polytechnic until today.

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Do It With Others - Art and Solidarity in the Age of Networks  
Saturday 6 August, 12-5pm  

For our second Summercamp series we have invited Furtherfield to develop and lead a day-long symposium. Furtherfield create online and physical spaces and places for different kinds of people to come together to get involved with contemporary arts and digital technologies.

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