7 July, 11am to 5pm

Join us for a Study Day that explores some of the themes raised by our 'Making Everyday' project and try out some Korean food on some of the products produced. 

Please book your place here. Transport tickets from Cambridge are also available.

Making Everyday: Study Day

11am: Amica Dall and Giles Smith of 2015 Turner Prize winning collective Assemble, talk about the purpose of craft.

12pm: A talk by Adam Sutherland of Grizedale Arts on the Korean and Japanese systems of 'Intangible National Assets' and the relationship with the European arts and crafts movement.

1pm: Picnic lunch from the kilns - Anglo Korean fusion experiments and an opportunity to try out spme of the ‘family’ of products that have been produced over the past three weeks. 

2.30pm: Tom Philipson and Jung-You Choi, Jina Lee and Hyunmin Shin talk about design evolution and the Anglo Korean community programme.

3.30pm: Food and making, talk and workshop with Naimh Riordan and Brenda Kerney of the Fairland Collective.

5pm: Ends

Contributor biographies

Assemble is a multi-disciplinary collective working across architecture, design and art.

Founded in 2010 to undertake a single self-built project, Assemble has since delivered a diverse and award-winning body of work, whilst retaining a democratic and co-operative working method that enables built, social and research-based work at a variety of scales, both making things and making things happen.

This website is a catalogue of projects and a description of the studio, which serves as an introduction to Assemble’s working practice.

Fairland Collective is a group of artists and practitioners who have collaborated for the past two years through their work with Grizedale Arts and who have worked since 2016 as an independent collective.

The core members are Brenda Kearney, Francesca Ulivi, Niamh Riordan and Motoko Fujita. With a wide range of skills to draw upon – from photography to anthropology, cheese-mongering, fine art, baking and carpentry - they produce projects which build on the idea of art being useful in the everyday.

Tom Philipson is a designer and maker of furniture and products from mostly wood. He designs through the process of making, and constructs using traditional tools and techniques mixed with an experimental process.

Adam Sutherland is the Director of Grizedale Arts, an arts organisation based on the historic site of Lawson Park farm, above the Coniston valley in the Lake District. Grizedale Arts is a curatorial project in a continuous state of development. The current site of Lawson Park is run as a productive small-holding and working farm house, with a multifaceted programme of events, projects, residencies and community activity. Central to the ethos is the aim of implementing a more valuable function for art through a unique, cross-disciplinary education programme with a range of activities, all of which function to develop contemporary art in new directions. Underpinning the programme, is a philosophy that emphasises a use value for art; promoting the potential for art and artists to experiment and affect change in practical and effective roles, as a central tenet of wider culture and society.