MOTHER... Events
At Wicken Fen Nature Reserve

Studio Morison are planning a series of events in their structure MOTHER... Due to Coronavirus, thes ehave been postponed until summer 2020. We will update you with details when we have them. 

A programme of events conceived by the artists will take place at the pavilion in early 2020. Working with a diverse group of writers, performers, artists, musicians, naturalists and campaigners, the artists have shaped each event to include elements of hospitality, sound, singing, literature, performance, talking and participation in order to offer strange new insights and unexpected readings of the work.

Events are being reviewed in the context of the current health crisis. We will send updates via social media. 

Launches the programme with a new performance work by the artists presenting a mythic reading of MOTHER… as transformational vessel. 

Tackles the idea of the wild and the re-wilding of the fen, with guest speakers, sounds and hospitality. 

Explores mental health and the disconnect between modern life and the natural world through a jarring mixture of performance, singing and technology. 

Connects us back to the place we are from - our families, our communities and the landscapes we occupy - through readings and music. 

To find MOTHER... please go to the main car park at Lode Lane, Wicken Fen. There will be information at the visitors centre on how to find the structure. Access to MOTHER... is free and does not require entry payment. The car park costs £3 per day. It will take around 2 minutes to walk to the structure, over uneven and muddy ground.

MOTHER.. was commissioned by Wysing as part of the programme New Geographies, with funding from Arts Council England and the National Trust.

MOTHER… is an artwork by artists Heather and Ivan Morison of Studio Morison that engages with the connections between the natural world and our mental health. The work is inspired by writer Richard Mabey’s book ‘Nature Cure’, in which he recovers from severe depression through walking, watching and writing about the Eastern region’s beautiful and unexplored landscapes. 

MOTHER... was commissioned by Wysing as part of the region-wide arts commissioning programme, New Geographies, which aims to bring contemporary art to unexpected places in the East of England. All locations for art works were nominated by members of the public – in this case Wicken Fen suggested for its “sublime peaty landscape”. 

MOTHER… is a sculptural structure that has been created specifically for this important area of wild fenland.  

MOTHER… references local building traditions, materials and architectural vernacular to root the structure in the landscape it is a part of. The form is an interpretation of the remarkable hayricks once found dotting this countryside. The timber used in the framing was felled from the artists own forest and milled by the artists at their workshops. The walls and roof are made from local straw, the thatching of which has been done in the traditional style by a master thatcher whose first job as an apprentice was to thatch a hayrick on this very site. The work, with its deep entranceways, ceiling oculus and high double layered conical ceiling, is an architectural space to enter; re-framing visitors’ experience of the landscape of Wicken Fen, the sky, the light and the materials that surround them. 

The vessel like form of the sculpture, alongside its title, connoting universal ideas of protection, nurturing, and birth.